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Un anuncio comercial

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Keywords: Spanish, Subjunctive, commands, superlatives, tv commercial
Subject(s): Foreign Language
Grades 10 through 12
School: Chestatee High School, Gainesville, GA
Planned By: Ana Maria Stradley
Original Author: Ana Maria Stradley, Gainesville
We see advertsing just about everything. Now is your turn to create your own.
Working with a partner you will write, produce and film your own television commercial en "espaņol" using "movie maker"
First, decide on a creative, original product. Be creative....invent your own product to sell. Consider what would make this item sell (price, color, flavor, unique use...etc)
Then write a script that will be sufficient for a 45 second commercial, which you will also submit to your teacher. Once you are ready to make your commercial, add music (instrumental or in Spanish) Keep in mind that the primary focus is your use of Spanish to "sell" this product.
The commercial must include:
-Name of product
-What is it use for
-Benefits and / or comparison with other products alike
--How much does it cost
-Where can you buy it.

Use of subjuntive - commands - equal/unequal comparisons - superlatives.
Materials: Flip Video, Microphones, Foreign Language, Video Tools