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Keywords: technology, Alabama, elementary, school, kids, students, record, need, talent, Video, FLIP
Subject(s): Journalism, Service Learning, English/Language Arts, Photography, Home Economics, Information Skills, Earth Science, Reading, Music, Special Needs, Podcasting, Technology, Video, Art, Drama, Math, Chemistry
Grades K through 5
School: Constantine Elementary School, Anniston, AL
Planned By: Amy Hurst
Original Author: Amy Hurst, Anniston
First, explain to student that all people have some type of talent, no matter how small.
Give students examples of talents:
Running really fast
Having beautiful handwriting
Taking beautiful picture

Try to give a wide range of examples, so everyone can think of something later on.

Next, chart a list of talents that students can think of having. This list will help you later on when you meet with students to finalize their talent expo.

Then, tell students that you would like to create a digital portfolio of their best talent. Give students a paper to submit to you within 1 or 2 days. The paper will have a place telling what their best talent is, & how they could showcase it for a video. Meet with students who are having difficulty selecting a talent & work out details with everyone.

Lastly, find a great place to record with your FLIP Video Camera. I suggest starting each video the same way:

My name is______________. (First name only if you plan to upload w/ parent permission to any website.)

My talent is______________.

*There are lots of variations to this, but the best part, is your students will be exposed to various elements of technology. That's why you'll love the FLIP, its ease of use is extraordinary!!!
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
This lesson plan is definitely cross curricular, because the range of talents will utilize a variety of subjects.
The videos could become part of their "resume" to be chosen for the Newspaper Club or any activity where it would take similar planning. Also, students could learn how to create their own website or blog & showcase their finished project onto these site.
Links: FLIP
FLIP use ideas II
FLIP use ideas
About FLIP classroom use
Materials: Flash/USB Drives, Printers, CDs and DVDs, Video Tools, Microphones, Projector Screens, Auditorium, Flip Video, Slideshow, Hardware Devices