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Graphing with Clickers

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Keywords: math, graphing
Subject(s): Math
Grades 2 through 3
School: Regency Park Elementary, Sacramento, CA
Planned By: Jean Friedrich
Original Author: Jean Friedrich, Sacramento

Lesson Plan: Students will be put in groups to brainstorm survey question ideas. After gathering ideas, each group chooses 1 survey question to pose to the class. Questions must contain 3-4 answer choices. For example:
What is your favorite ice cream flavor?
a) Chocolate
b) Vanilla
c) Strawberry
d) Mint chip
Groups submit survey question and teacher types them for class to see. Clickers are used to answer questions one at a time. Survey results will be displayed on SMART board and discussed. Then groups or individuals select one survey question to use to create their own graph. They may choose from graph structures that have been taught: pictograph, bar graph, tally chart. Students will share their finished products with the class.
Materials: Elementary
Other Items: 1 Senteo Clickers, $1599. each, total of $1599.00