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Career Portfolio

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Keywords: Portfolio
Subject(s): Business, Information Skills, Writing
Grades 7 through 12
School: Starmount Middle School, Boonville , NC
Planned By: Nicole Rodriguez
Original Author: Nicole Rodriguez, Boonville

8th Grade Encore
Career Portfolio
Mrs. Rodriguez’s Class

INTRODUCTION PAGE: Create a one-page document on what you want to be when you grow up. Type a rough draft. Go back over the report and correct any spelling or grammatical errors. Print one-page report for the introduction of your Career Portfolio.

DEFINITION PAGE: Define the following terms:
Write the definition of what these terms mean to you.

HOW YOU’RE GOING TO GET THERE: Type a report and show a timeline of the road you’ll have to take to reach your career goal. (For example, 4 year college, 2 year college, technical school, internship, and work, etc.) You may use drawing tools to draw the timeline.

JOB SKILLS PAGE: List your qualities and skills that will attract future employers. What makes you unique? List the skills, qualities, and personal traits that you can take to a job. How will these benefit you in obtaining the career you’ve chosen?

WORK EXPERIENCE PAGE: Research the area in which your career will take you and find the following:
1. Organizations, businesses, and individuals that can provide you with opportunities for work experience.
2. Create a list of community organizations for which you are interested in volunteering.

COLLEGE PAGE: Research and locate AT LEAST 2 colleges that have a major in your career field. List the following: Type of school, academic program you chose, school size, location, and cost. Create a table in a word document and list the information. Also compare the average yearly earnings by education level:
Professional ______________
Doctorate ______________
Masters ______________
Bachelor’s ______________
SomeCollege ______________
High School Grad ______________

COVER PAGE & RESUME: Create a resume. Include your name, what education you have, honors and achievements. If you have any work experience, include that as well. Once you finish the resume, write a cover letter to a possible employer and introduce yourself, and ask for an interview for a particular job.

GOALS PAGE: After all your hard work and research is finished, stop and think about setting your own personal goals. For example:
- Finish High School with an “A” average
- Finish College in the top 15% of my class
- Make $_________ a year
- Get married by________
*These are only examples. Create your own and don’t be afraid to be creative!!

It is very important that you put a lot of effort into this project. I am giving you the opportunity to explore a career of your choice and this will help you a great deal in the future. WORK HARD!!!! But most importantly have fun!!!!

From start to finish, research and everything else involved, my students completed this in about 8 weeks. I have them every other day...
Links: CFNC
Materials: Hard Drives, Printers, Power, Keyboards, Flash/USB Drives, Writing, Word Processor, Integrating Technology