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eLeaders Technology (Students of the 21st Century) Program

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Keywords: Creating Authentic Presentations, iMovie, English, Authentic Newscasts, Flip Video, How-To Use a Flip Video Camcorder
Subject(s): Civics, Drama, Journalism, Science, Geometry, Grammar, Service Learning, Spelling, English/Language Arts, Social Studies, Photography, Algebra, Business, Home Economics, Biology, Information Skills, Calculus, Earth Science, Reading, Music, Animation, Writing, Special Needs, Life Science, Podcasting, Dyslexia, Early Learning, Geography, Autism, Technology, Social Skills, Video, Health and PE, Art, Math, Speech and Language, Foreign Language, Chemistry, Physics, Trigonometry, History
Grades 4 through 12
NETS-S Standard:
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Communication and Collaboration
  • Research and Information Fluency
  • Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Decision Making
  • Technology Operations and Concepts
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School: South Middle School, Joplin, MO
Planned By: Shannon Ellis
Original Author: Shannon Ellis, Joplin
eLeaders is a new program that is a volunteer position. (As the teacher, I accepted a new non-paying position (newly created) in the district, in addition to my teaching position. I am the Curriculum Integration Technologist (and this is not a funded position, or funded club...all needs are out of pocket expense). We help teachers integrate technology into their curriculum/lessons, and students create authentic, and original lessons.

eLeaders are students that volunteer to take the initiative in technology. They are utilized to troubleshoot, maintain building technology, as well as, educate teachers, and students on it's use.

First, Flip Cams for training purposes
Flip Cams used to video train (teachers, and students), for cross training of other students, teachers, and new eLeaders coming into the program. Also, eLeaders use footage for training, Spec. services students, when they are teaching them technology uses, and helping them with authentic projects. (example: iMovie: Steps In A Process - eLeaders assist a class of students with special needs complete a video of "the steps in a process" and then create an iMovie)

Secondly, eLeaders as troubleshooters.
During the day, technology inevitably has "problems." eLeaders come to the rescue. Once a request is received they are sent to different classrooms, or (utilized in their current class) to help fix problems with computers, SmartBoards, cameras, overhead projectors, and cables. When called, they may take a camera (hopefully a Flip Cam) with them to document the problem, if they are unable to fix it. The Flip Cam is then brought to me, other eLeaders in the building, or the Technology Specialist for our building for suggestions to fix problems.

Thirdly, eLeaders as videographers
eLeaders take Flip Cams to any event to capture for either, a presentation they would like to give, OR for use with SMS Video Productions School News (eLeaders = 12, SMS Videographers = 60+). They load the footage onto a laptop, or desktop (iMac), and are responsible for editing the Flip Cam video in iMovie, to produce a final Newscast for the student body.

Fourth, eLeaders as In-service Providers
eLeaders offer a variety of in-service courses for teachers, and their peers. Utilizing the Flip Cam they offer one course training teachers how to use the Flip Camcorder. They have a comprehensive presentation with a lesson plan embedded, requiring the teachers to use the cameras for their in-service. Example: Teachers are asked to take the Flip Cam, move around the building, and video anything that could be an "adjective," or work together and create a video that shows "verbs," in action. The teachers return to the classroom and eLeaders show them how to load the video from the Flip Cam to the computer, edit, and produce a final product. This becomes a sample lesson for teachers to integrate into their lessons (for students to do), and they have a complete example for students.

This lesson is adaptable to as few as two students, and as many as 100 students. The only problem with more students is the need for a greater amount of Flip Camcorders.
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
Currently, as the 7th Comm. Arts and Reading, I continually do cross-curricular units of study with the Social Studies teacher, and he also happens to be my Co-Teacher in the SMS Video Productions Newscasting Club. We often share the 2 Flip Cams we have with 70 students.
Students shoot video with Flip Cam, and create digital stories, about Romans, Greeks, and the Middle Ages.
Self-Reflection - eLeaders create surveys (like any professional in-service provider), for the self-reflective process.
Materials: Ports and Hubs, Bags and Cases, Headsets, Keyboards, Power, Computer Accessories, Cables, CDs and DVDs, Memory Cards, Batteries, Tripods, Flash/USB Drives, Camera Bags, Camera/Video Accessories, Flip Video, Flash Memory Camcorders, Video Cameras, Mobile Labs, Whiteboards, LCD Monitors, Large Pro Monitors, Mice, English/Language Arts, Reading, Literacy, Writing, Math, Autism