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persuasive writing FLIP style!

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Keywords: Flip Video, persuade, i-movie
Subject(s): Video, Technology, Writing
Grades 3 through 12
NETS-S Standard:
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Communication and Collaboration
  • Research and Information Fluency
  • Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Decision Making
  • Digital Citizenship
  • Technology Operations and Concepts
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School: Rocky Heights Middle School, Highlands Ranch, CO
Planned By: Jesica Harrington
Original Author: Jesica Harrington, Castle Rock
Digital Wish Flip Contest

Submitted by Mrs. Harrington’s 5th Grade Class
Timber Trail Elementary
690 W. Castle Pines Pkwy
Castle Rock, CO 80108

26 students participated in this project to highlight their understanding of the persuasive genre and to attempt to persuade any audience to think twice about drinking caffeine, especially for young students. They researched the topic to present both sides of the issue, worked together in small groups, on specific parts of the presentation, collaborated in teams and as a whole to complete the video, and utilized 21st century technology skills to synthesize a project which utilizes FLIP cameras, i-movie, music, i-tunes, Keynote, and the internet!

Topic: Persuasive Genre (writing)
Audience: Anyone searching for a student generated project, seeking information on persuading an audience using technology.
Plan: Utilize technology (flip cameras) to inform people about persuasive techniques, and present an original video showing students’ understanding of the genre. Video includes:
1) Characteristics of persuasive writing, definition of persuade, images that symbolize the persuasive genre. The criteria regularly included in a persuasive piece.
2) A topic of choice students selected to illustrate these characteristics (Kids and Caffeine Don’t Mix).
3) Rewrite lyrics to “Pants on the Ground” to fit their topic-to persuade students to avoid caffeine and offer suggestions to increase energy by changing lifestyle choices instead of drinking caffeine.
4) Highlight benefits and harmful effects of caffeine using data, graphs, statistics, and images.
5) Site sources used to gather information/present their argument.
6) Recommend a solution to the problem.
7) Engage the audience to blog with the class on Mrs. Harrington’s webpage. Students collect information about their ability to have the audience question their choices and consider avoiding caffeine. (Was their presentation effective?)
*This data will be collected and students will reflect on how persuasive their presentation was-students will generate next steps for improvement.

This entire project took about 2 weeks to produce.
Week 1:
*Introduce the genre
*Teach the characteristics of persuasive writing
*Read samples of persuasive writing
*Evaluate using a persuasive writing rubric (Every Child a Writer curriculum).
*Students brainstorm topics for research.
-mini lesson on choosing an appropriate topic: controversial, avoid hot button topics, current event, etc.
-display topics generated by students, guided by teacher.
-class chooses 1 for the video project.

Week 2:
*Break students up into teams:
1) A team to present the definition, “persuade”.
Include images that symbolize changing some one’s mind, etc., and include buzz words for the genre. *We used i-move and dropped in images, then had students narrate by doing a voice over-you could also add music.
2) A team to film the topic chosen by the class-research, images, etc.
3) A team to rewrite lyrics to a song of choice. Song to be played as background, and video recorded of students singing rewritten lyrics on their topic.
4) A team to find images, graphs, data to support opinions with facts.
5) A team to produce and direct the video.
6) A team to film the conclusion: summarize the argument, offer solutions, ask the audience they have been affected by the information presented in the video.
7) A team to link the video to an online survey/blog that students can access to evaluate their ability to persuade an audience on their topic.

**Teachers collaborate with students on progress made each day so that students know what is being done and how their part plays a role in the whole project.
**Download all videos, music, presentations to one computer and migrate into one project using a flash drive. We used i-move. Here you can cut, edit, set to music, etc. and preview the final product.
**Once you have finalized the project, you can upload you video to sites like teachertube, for others to view and enjoy!!!!! We had a blast with this project! The possibilities are endless, especially when you have the use of simple, yet effective technology that the kids initiate!!! So Glad we participated in the contest- we learned so much!!

-flash drive/USB
-computer access
-samples of persuasive writing
-writer’s rubric that contain the targets for persuasive writing
***We have submitted a recorded version of our project!
Video will be posted soon to you tube and teacher tube, and to Mrs. Harrington's webpage.
Blog address:
Materials: Flip Video, Pen Readers