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Creative Videos for Basic Grammar Concepts

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Keywords: Flip Video, grammar,
Subject(s): Video, Grammar
Grades K through 2
NETS-S Standard:
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Communication and Collaboration
  • Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Decision Making
  • Technology Operations and Concepts
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School: Saints Francis and Clare, Greenwood, IN
Planned By: Emily Pearson
Original Author: Emily Pearson, Greenwood
Grammar Lesson Plan "Creative Videos for Basic Grammar Concepts)
Miss Pearson, First Grade Teacher

Indiana State Standards:
Identify and correctly use singular and plural nouns (dog/dogs). (Core Standard)
Identify and correctly write various parts of speech, including nouns (words that name people, places, or things) and verbs (words that express action or help make a statement). (Core Standard)
3.6.5 Identify and correctly use pronouns (it, him, her), adjectives (brown eyes, two younger sisters), compound nouns (summertime, snowflakes), and articles (a, an, the) in writing. (Core Standard)

Objective: Children develop video to help enhance understanding of action verbs, pronouns, nouns, proper nouns, and adjectives.

Bloomís Taxonomy: Knowledge, Comprehension, Application, Analysis, Synthesis, Evaluation

Materials: flip videos, picture books, sentence strips, laptops, toys, promethean board, document camera, headsets, batteries, rubrics

First Day:
Mini-lesson: During the mini-lesson, I will show two different ways to introduce possessive nouns. The first way is the use dry erase boards and worksheets from grammar book. Then I will introduce possessive nouns using a video that I created using the Flip video.

I will then have a discussion with the children about the differences between the two ways I taught. I will use a tchart to help compare and contrast the lessons.

I will then tell them that it is their turn to teach/review for us what action verbs, pronouns, nouns, proper nouns, and adjectives by making a video using the Flipvideo. I will go over guidelines of grammar project:
* Work in groups of three
* Each group has one grammar topic to teach
* Every member must participate in different parts of video ( speak, show, do)
* Will have two weeks to prepare video with information for classmates
* Needs to conference with teacher about ideas and what is to come in project

It is important that the students have free choice in how to teach classmates about their topic. They can use each other as props, toys, actual objects, dry erase boards, songs, picture books, sentence strips, etc.) (This is why it is important for teacher to have conference early with the group to make sure all materials wanted are available for students).

Before teacher allows for students to group up and collaborate, he/she should show students copy of rubric, so they know what is expected from project.

The students will spend today brainstorming ideas with their group members on how to introduce/review grammar topic for classmates.

Second Day:

Mini-lesson: How to Use Flip Video?
Students will learn the important parts of the flip video. I will use the promethean board and document camera to help zoom in and out to see the buttons on flip video.

The students will then spend rest of time getting a chance to use flip videos for short little clips to help become comfortable with flip videos.

For Day 3 through 7:

Students will spend these days discussing and creating their videos. Each group will have the chance to use different flip videos to create best picture of video. The teacher will conference with each group at least two more times to make sure they are on task, working together, and collaborating ideas. The teacher makes sure that the group is identifying grammar topic, giving examples, showing the examples using concrete items, and leaving the classmates to use new knowledge to apply to work. (Conferencing with students will differ on age/grade level)

For Day 8 & 9:

Students with teacherís help will edit their videos. This gives the children a chance to look at what they have and to decide on what to keep for video to teach classmates about grammar topic.

Day 10:

Students will present their videos to classmates!


The teacher will create rubric to go along with project. Depending on grade level, the rubric can be multiple items. It is important the teacher goes over rubric with group and asks them what they liked/disliked about their own videos, what their favorite part was, etc. (Questioning will change based on grade level).
Materials: Whiteboards, Flip Video, Batteries, Headsets