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Tiger EV Technology to Improve Sustainability and Petroleum Dependency

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Keywords: Aerodynamics, Transportation, Alternative Energy, Ecology, Electric
Subject(s): English/Language Arts, Math, Physics, Writing, Science, Chemistry, Technology, Business, Information Skills
Grades 6 through 12
NETS-S Standard:
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Communication and Collaboration
  • Research and Information Fluency
  • Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Decision Making
  • Digital Citizenship
  • Technology Operations and Concepts
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School: Green Forest Intermediate School, Green Forest, AR
Planned By: Warren Utsler
Original Author: Warren Utsler, Green Forest
Project Objectives:
Green Forest EAST Initiative is interested in providing an educational opportunity for students to develop skills and display their ingenuity in design, development and testing alternative electronic energy vehicles. The program will provide a hands-on learning project in which students can improve public awareness and understanding of the environmental and economical advantages of efficient alternative electric vehicles. Electrathon America the program we will be participating in offers students the opportunity to use
Science, Math, Research, Physics, Development, Fabrication, Communication Skills, Writing Skills, Mentoring, Partnerships, Graphic Design, Electronics and Communication. All of these aspects and more are developed within the Electrathon program while students work as a team to achieve a common goal. Developed around specific rules designed to keep cost down and competition high, these unique vehicles offer an opportunity and challenge to experiment, learn, and compete. Students will not only build a functional car but document and create public information brochures to educate the public and their peers of how these vehicles can be cost effective modes of transportation, while reducing our dependency on carbon fuels that damage our environment. Students will learn technical skill that will be in demand in the future and prepare themselves to take advantage of scholarships being offered to Electrathon participants by several Universities and colleges across the nation. In addition parents and local business have pledged their support, knowledge and expertise in the design and construction of this vehicle. This project will also encourage other EAST programs to build and design their own cars.
Project Justification:
Electric cars are expected to have a major impact in the auto industry given advantages in city pollution, less dependence on oil, and expected rise in gasoline prices. Along with these changes in technology comes the challenge of educating the public to how we can capitalize on the advantages and avoid the disadvantages of electrical vehicles. The consumer also needs to learn a whole new vacubulary of terminology specific to this mode of transportation. World governments are pledging billions to fund development of electric vehicles and their components. The U.S. has pledged US $2.4 billion in federal grants for electric cars and batteries.
Recently at the Ford sponsored Extreme Efficiceny Trials a EV completed 62.05 miles in one hour producing 1.3 horsepower (950watts), or less power than a common hair dyer. This translate to 15.3 watts/hours peer mile, or nearly 2200 miles per gallon. With instability in world oil prices expected to reach $5.00 a gallon or more in the near future.
Most Electrathon EV cost in the range of $1,500 to $5000.00 to build.
Ten students will participate in this program weekly in the EAST lab and district maintenance facilities. District building and grounds members, parents and a wide variety of local individuals with automotive, electrical, mechanical and engineering skills have pledge and will lend their services.
Ways that we plan to publicize the project include but are not limited to:
Sponsors of this vehicle will help to advance the research of alternative energy sources and public’s awareness of the uses of electrical energy and will help to improve the community and the environment. Publicity is one of the many ways that we plan on repaying our sponsorships for their dedication. Not only will donor organizations be recognized on the actual vehicle but also included in any press relations or publicity that the project will generate.
Working closely with local newspapers, technology periodicals, school and alumna publications.
Presenting at the 2012 EAST National Conference, where thousands of teachers, students, and technology enthusiasts will get a chance to view the vehicle.
Internet involvement including links to our EAST wikispaces and national electronics related pages will also inform local, regional and international visitors of the project goals and progress. Local community involvement including: parades, festivals, and the Carroll County Fair brochures and presentations on EV and alternative transportation technology. Documentation of our community and technical partners participation, material cost, in-kind donations, and scheduled project meetings attendance and progress will be recorded and provide to EAST in written and form and on our EAST wikispaces.

Electrathon America vehicles are single person, lightweight, aerodynamic, high efficiency, electric vehicles with three or four wheels. They must meet specific design and safety rules. They are powered by deep cycle lead acid battery packs not exceeding 67 pounds. Only sealed lead acid batteries will be allowed.
Laptop is used to monitor and program energy and battery use. We have numerous parents and community members that work in related industries that will lend us their expertise in engineering, electronics, mechanics and fabrication.
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
Ecology, Science, Math, Research, Physics, Development, Fabrication, Communication Skills, Writing Skills, Mentoring, Partnerships, Graphic Design, Electronics and Communication.
Program will continue yearly monitoring and develop improved energy efficiency. Our first year goal is a vehicle that will net around 1200 miles per gallon equal to KW use.
Links: Electric Vehicles of America
Electric Auto Sports
Link to Electrathon America
Blue Sky Design
Cloud Electric
Materials: Integrating Technology, Camera/Video Accessories, Point and Shoot
Other Items: 3 20” x 2.5” Maxium Tires, $37.00 each, total of $111.00
1 Battery Charger, $100.00 each, total of $100.00
1 Battery Speedometer, $225.00 each, total of $225.00
1 Full face helmet, $100.00 each, total of $100.00
1 SAFETY 5 point harness , $100.00 each, total of $100.00
2 Optima Yellow Top AGM batteries, $180.00.00 each
1 Blue Sky.com Aerocoupe aerodynamic body kit , $2,250.00 each
1 HP 630 Pentium Laptop, $370.00 each, total of $370.00
1 Cloud Electric motor kit, $985.19 each, total of $985.19
1 Basic tool kit Ace Hardware, $55.00 each, total of $55.00