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Keywords: incarceration, visual experiences, DVD, curriculum enhancement
Subject(s): Information Skills, Biology, Business, Algebra, Civics, Social Studies, Video, Social Skills, Technology, Geography, Chemistry, Geometry, Science, Life Science, Special Needs, Writing, History, Earth Science, Reading, Physics, Math, English/Language Arts
Grade P-K
NETS-S Standard:
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Communication and Collaboration
  • Research and Information Fluency
  • Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Decision Making
  • Technology Operations and Concepts
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School: Seminole County John Polk Alternative, Sanford, FL
Planned By: Elaine Dorn
Original Author: Elaine Dorn, Sanford
US.PK12.CL.1.1a: Apply fundamental skills and strategies (associating objects, pictures, and symbols with words and concepts, recognizing and decoding words, and paraphrasing and summarizing text) to recall and understand information from visual, print, and/or digital text or audio presentations for real-world application, such as completing assignments in school, listening to stories, and following instructions.

US.PK12.CL.1.1c: Apply fundamental skills and strategies (associating objects, pictures, and symbols with words and concepts, recognizing and decoding words, and paraphrasing and summarizing text) to recall and understand information from visual, print, and/or digital text or audio presentations for real-world application, such as completing assignments in school, recognizing signs and environmental print, reading schedules and maps, and using a menu.

US.PK12.CL.1.2c: Apply skills and strategies (scanning, predicting, paraphrasing/ summarizing, rereading, inferencing, retelling, self-questioning, note taking, outlining, and interpreting text structure) to gain information from a variety of media sources and instructional presentations.

US.PK12.CL.1.4b: Apply skills and strategies in mathematical concepts and processes and/or computational fluency, such as financial literacy skills, algebraic problem solving, estimation skills, measurement and geometry skills, and comprehension of graphs, tables, and charts.

Subject Areas: All

Materials: DVDs, Projectors, Computer, Cables, Review Worksheet

Depending on the subject area, curriculum needs, and student skill level, an Alternative Education Instructor will prepare by going to the District Media Location and check out required technology equipment and DVDs.

Concepts will be covered in the student text prior to viewing any visual materials. Vocabulary, procedures, and details should be addressed in the specific chapter studied.

One DVD will be allotted to enhance student comprehension of concepts and to apply theory to real world experience, as best as can be assumed by incarcerated youth.

If allowed by the facility, the students can assist with setting up the technology equipment and cables.

If collaborating between the other Alternative Education Facilities (Eugene Gregory, John Polk, Juvenile Detention Facility, Journey’s Academy), the Alt Ed website can be utilized to produce district wide presentations.

A written student product addressing terminology, procedures, formulas, and talking points for discussion should be required from students following.

Traditional text chapter questions should also be completed following the viewing of the DVD.

Student ability to accurately convey academic concepts and vocabulary should be assessed based on question format and ensuing discussion.

25 War Classics Documentaries 853076002696 4.79
Alfred Hitchcock Classics 096009581695 12.79
American Metal: Classic Car Commercials 089353711429 7.98
Animal Planet Safari 018713549907 11.98
Bees- Tales from the Hive 783421290198 15.96
Chimpanzee 786936827361 21.20
Classic Adventures, V 2:Gulliver’s Travels/The Odyssey 883476030067 10.38
Classic Literature: Charles Dickens 032031462496 15.98
Classic Literature: DH Lawrence 032031462793 15.98
Classic Literature: William Shakespeare 032031462595 15.98
Classic Sherlock Holmes Collection 723721582760 16.75
Classic Tales for Children: The Man in the Iron Mask 75973141342 15.96
Classic U.S. Combat Aircraft of WWII:B-17 88142332694 11.96
Disneynature 786936811648 21.20
Extreme Alaska; Denali National Park 727994752103 15.97
Frozen Planet; the Complete Series 883929213788 31.97
GED Mathematics DVD 600459123994 71.96
History Classics: American Adventurers 733961236750 15.98
History Classics: Conquest of America 733961268591 15.98
History Classics: Decoding the Past 733961245547 15.98
History Classics: Discoveries War in the Ancient World 733961256307 15.98
History Classics: Hero Ships 733961256291 15.98
History Classics: Mega Disasters 733961240757 15.98
History Classics: the History of the Holidays: Christmas 733961256338 15.96
History Classics: Weapons @ War WWII 733961256284 15.98
History Classics: WWI The Great War 733961272949 15.98
IMAX-Grand Canyon Adventure 014881530629 7.98
Life on Fire: Wildlife on the Volcano’s Edge 841887018418 27.99
Life 883928131778 47.98
Light Speed Math: Measurements & Proportions 43452394524 11.98
Light Speed: SAT Math 743452396726 11.98
March of the Penguins Documentary 012569751163 11.97
Mark Twain Classics: Adventures of Huckleberry Finn 012233299120 19.96
Masterpiece Classic: Great Expectations 841887016667 16.24
Masterpiece Classic: The Mystery of Edwin Drood 841887016816 19.99
Math Literacy for Everyone Al 2 & Trigonometry 600459175290 159.96
My Classic Car: General Motors Concepts 033937043550 11.99
National Geographic Classics: American Presidents 727994932321 15.97
National Geographic Classics: Cats& Dogs 727994931997 15.97
National Geographic Classics: Mysteries of the Past 727994931836 15.97
National Geographic Classics: Natural Disasters 727994932161 15.97
National Geographic Classics: Sharks 727994932222 15.97
National Geographic Classics: The Human Body 727994931607 15.97
National Geographic Classics: World’s Deadliest (Animals) 727994930358 15.95
National Geographic: Amazing Planet 727994751748 27.94
National Geographic: America’s Greatest Animals 727994754015 15.97
National Geographic: Big Cats Collection 727994931911 23.97
National Geographic: Elephants 727994755500 15.97
National Geographic: Great Migrations 727994931669 23.94
National Geographic: Oceans 727994932000 15.97
National Geographic: Ultimate Nature Collection 727994930792 51.98
Nature: Hummingbirds-Magic in the Air 033937039041 15.98
Nature’s Most Amazing Events 883929069569 23.98
NOVA- Treasures of the Great Barrier 783421267992 15.98
Nova: The Incredible Journey of the Butterfly 783421431492 19.99
Oceans 786936804591 15.98
Planet Earth; the Blue Planet 794051418029 95.99
Sherlock Holmes: The Classic BBC Series 883929118731 15.98
TCM Greatest Classic Films Col: Hitchcock Thrillers 883929082162 22.34
The Blue Planet: Seeds of Life 883929030811 39.98
The Story of Math Deluxe Collection 054961889099 63.98
The Story of Math 054961835690 47.99
Uncounted: The New Math of American Elections 826262004 7.98
Wings of Life 786936834130 31.99
World’s Most Beautiful Places: Waterfalls 723721490768 7.98

Cross-Curriculum Ideas
Theme teaching, collaborative efforts between all alternative ed sites
Text Book Chapter Work, Teacher designed work products
Materials: Portable, CDs and DVDs, Cables, English/Language Arts, Reading, Literacy, Writing, Math, Middle, High, Science, Social Studies, ESL, Web Page, Worksheets, Video Tools, Internet Services, Student Resources, Prof. Dev. Workshops, Integrating Technology, Cause and Effect, Switch Software, Hardware Devices