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Clocking in and out for work

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Keywords: Occupational Prep I-IV
Subject(s): Service Learning, Social Skills, Information Skills, Special Needs, Math
Grades 9 through 12
NETS-S Standard:
  • Communication and Collaboration
  • Digital Citizenship
  • Technology Operations and Concepts
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School: Draughn High School, Valdese, NC
Planned By: Peggy Younce
Original Author: Peggy Younce, Valdese
Teaching Focus
State Objective: Competency Goal 2: The learner will actively participate in career development (awareness, exploration, and planning) to determine a career goal. 2.04-Participates successfully in multiple paid and non-paid work based (community-based) activities to complete the 300, 240, and 360 hours required for the Occupational Course of Study.

Essential Question: I will understand how to log in and out. I will also be able to total my work hours for each week and month.

Student Activity:
Monday-Occ Prep II-III: Go to jobsites, log time
Tuesday-Occ Prep I-IV: Go to church to work, log time
Wed.-Occ Prep II-III: Go to jobsites, log time
Thurs.-Occ Prep I-IV: Go to church to work, log time
*Students will use Time Station to log in and out for work.

Teaching Activity: Develop a work ethic based on understanding the importance of work.

Fri.-Class work-Reasons people work, Chapter 1-Success in the World of Work-Notes. Total timesheets for the week and take up.

Studentís will use Time Station to log in and out. I was able to contact this company and explain the Occupational Course of Study program and the required work hours. The company allotted me enough to allow for each of my studentís to have a log in for work. I have created ID badges for work through this company. The company also provides the ability to print reports of time worked. The neat thing is, Time Station also totals the amount of time elapsed for the studentís after the clock back in from work, keeps the dates, and totals it for the month.
I am very interested the the touch screen laptop for the special needs classroom but would love to be able for my student's to experience newer technology in new laptops for the classroom since ours are the old ones that used to be used on a laptop cart in all classes for the entire school. All the academics of English (4 classes), math (3 classes), science (2 classes), history (2 classes) are taught through the NCVPS program requiring computers (North Carolina Virtual Public Schools). Wonderful program that allows the exceptional children's student's in the Occupational Course of Study to be successful and feel like they are taking the same classes that everyone else is that are working on diplomas.
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
This could also be used during our remediation time built into the school day in order to work activities for Applied Science, Biology, English 9-12, Intro to Math, Algebra I, American History I & II, and all Occupational Prep classes (I-IV).
Materials: Flash Memory Camcorders
Other Items: 1 Touch Screen Laptop, $189.00 each, total of $189.00
9 Laptops, $700.00 each, total of $6300.00