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What will I be when I grow up?

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Keywords: English, Career Research
Subject(s): Business, Civics, Social Skills, Technology, Autism, Podcasting, Special Needs, Speech and Language, English/Language Arts
Grades 9 through 12
NETS-S Standard:
  • Communication and Collaboration
  • Research and Information Fluency
  • Technology Operations and Concepts
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School: Louis E Dieruff High School, Allentown, PA
Planned By: Tonya Krautsack
Original Author: Tonya Krautsack, Allentown
Tonya Krautsack
Louis E. Dieruff High School
What do I want to be when I grow up?

I. Objectives:
A. Students will explore various careers that align with their interest, aptitudes, and skill levels utilizing various data collection tools.
B. Students will create a presentation utilizing technology to present their career of choice highlighting career requirements, education, advancement, salary, and why they are passionate or excited about the path they are embarking on.
II. Description:
Students will brain storm about possible careers associated with items in a “mystery box.” Possible items in one box may be a tape measure, an iPad, and a syringe. Students will be given two minutes at each station before being asked to share with the class, group by group. There will be approximately five stations.
Students will participate in a career research computer program to research and explore various careers while attaining their individual learning style (auditory, tactile, and/ or visual), skill levels, and complete a career match maker survey.
Students will complete resume worksheets in order to develop a professional and current resume.
Students will complete sample job applications.
Students will complete various surveys (Transition to Work, Informal Assessments for Transition Planning, etc.) utilizing the results to compile a list of careers they might want to explore further.
Students will meet with education representatives at post-secondary institutions (trade and college/ university).
Students will be encouraged to attend field trips to various trade schools, colleges and universities organized through the College and Career Center.
Students will be asked to research and present free applications found in iTunes Store that will help or enable their project to be shared in an innovative fashion with the class and visitors.
Benefits of Educational Strategy:
Students will be able to immerge themselves in the curriculum utilizing multiple learning styles. This approach will excite and put the responsibility of learning into the students hands. They will be able to lead in class discussions, produce a quality project, and present final project to class visitors (Deans of Students, Vice-Principal, Principal, Guidance Counselor, Parents, etc.).
III. Responsibilities of Partners:
Classroom Teacher
Act as a facilitator of learning.
College and Career Center/ Counselor
Instruct students on utilizing computer based career research program and coordinate field trips for students to attend.
Career Force Representive, Mrs. Julie Vitale
Guide students with application completion and resume development.
Administration, Guidance Counselors, Parents
Attend presentation and support students in learning.
IV. Target Audience:
I currently teach Academic and Career Strategies which is an English Elective. I address the Career and Work Education standards in the 9-12 grade band emphasizing basic English grammar rules and reading strategies. My class sizes range throughout the day (4-18 students) and each class is a mixture of high school grade levels for six out of eight periods.
Career and Academic Strategies is a yearlong course. Students regularly participate in various stages of the project throughout the year until the presentation of final product.
V. Evaluation Plan:
Students will be evaluated using a rubric for each objective.
Objective A
Students will be asked to write a three paragraph essay on why they choose a given career. Students will have to synthesize all the information they gathered about themselves from the various data collection tools.
Objective B
Students will be asked to create a 7-10 minute presentation incorporating technology on their chosen profession.

I attended a school-supported workshop on Project Based Learning or PBL. The premise is that all activities and learning accumulate with the end goal of a project to develop a deeper understanding of that concept and pride in a finished project while still addressing all the necessary standards related to that content area.
I believe technology is the wave of the future and I believe our students need that advantage if they are to be competitive in their chosen fields. By building a class set of iPads, I believe we can empower students to chase their dreams and see them as realities.
The iPads are portable technology that can be utilized in numerous ways. In our workshop, the presenters often encouraged us to use our smart phones to look at various applications that would enable us to research, present ideas, conduct learning walks that are interactive, and communicate ideas with each other. However, in following school guidelines, students are not allowed to have phones on them during class and furthermore, they cannot access the school wi-fi system. This is where a class set of iPads would be helpful. The school has provided me with a personal iPad that I gladly share with students but the one iPad does not make it into every student’s hands during one class period.
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
Career Strategies is an English Elective class. We will be exploring topics covered in Technology classes and also in Social Studies classes.
In addition to prescribed coursework, students will participate in field trips, guest lectures/ presentations, and meet with community resources/ representatives.
Materials: Mobile Labs, Flash/USB Drives, Autism, Speech and Language
Other Items: 20 iPads, $239.00 each, total of $4780.00
1 Bretford Mobility Cart 42 for iPad and iPad mini, $1949.95 each, total of $1949.95