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Relevant, rigorous application practice and enrichment stations

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Keywords: management, small group, differentiated, engaging, techology, ipads
Subject(s): Art, Social Studies, Social Skills, Science, Special Needs, Drama, Music, Math, English/Language Arts
Grades P-K through 5
NETS-S Standard:
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Communication and Collaboration
  • Research and Information Fluency
  • Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Decision Making
  • Digital Citizenship
  • Technology Operations and Concepts
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School: Spruce Creek Elementary School, Port Orange, FL
Planned By: Katie Shaw
Original Author: Katie Shaw, Port Orange
Materials: I-Pads for differentiated stations
Reading/math materials for small group, teacher led, differentiated skills groups determined by
assessment data.


1. After assessing and gathering data on skill strengths and deficiencies of students, place students in appropriate groups for small group, targeted (differentiated) instruction. This could be ELA standards(integrating science/social studies) or math standards (integrating science and ELA).

2. During whole group instruction, before breaking into stations, review and clarify procedures and expectations for small group stations during teacher led small group time. Model and practice expectations. Review, turn and talk, and Kagan structures to ensure/reinforce understanding of expectations.

3. Allow the small group target lessons to be flexible in the beginning of the year in order for the teacher/facilitator to rotate and ensure understanding of station rotation procedures/ expectations.

4. During small group instructions, students not in teacher led group have an agenda to complete. The first few items on the agenda are paper/pencil application items pertaining to the specific skills being taught that day. (Examples: response to literature, phonics pattern application, math concepts skills application). The next few items on the agenda are there for digital literacy, and enrichment opportunities. The county supplies the following programs and Aps to schools but you must have I-Pads to utilize: The first and most exciting for all grade is Razz-Kids reading. Razz-kids reading is an endless library of targeted, differentiated (according to the child's level) fiction and non-fiction readings. They must listen, record, and quiz each piece of literature before being advanced to the next level. The teacher may then go and review recording, send messages, etc. This everyday, repeated exposure and application practice is critical for rapid reading growth. Other production Aps for creating thinking maps, fluency reading, math fluency practice, math application practice are also provided. The students have no problem completing all items on the agenda and the I-pad digital literacy/enrichment items are a fantastic motivator for students. They will do anything you ask to have the opportunity to get to these exciting, engaging activities.

5. Follow up and have a tight/firm accountability system for all center work station activities (application and digital) and students will understand the importance of focussed, personal best work in order to get through the entire list of agenda items each day.

This lesson management system will enable teachers to have meaningful small group, targeted instruction time. It also ensures the students not in the small group at the time are engaged in meaningful, engaging, targeted application practice and enrichment activities.

I am moving from a Title One school to a Non-Title One school (but only missed it by 2%) so there is still a large population of at-risk, fragile learners. The non Title One schools in my district have extremely limited technology opportunities. I have spent 18 years implementing a digital component in the classroom in my previous school and I would love for the students in my new school to have the same opportunities.
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
Integration of science, social studies, social skills are included in all ELA and math stations
Follow up and have a tight accountability system for all station work completed. This includes all application practice and digital components. This also allows for many formative assessment opportunities as well as promoting personal best effort in all activities
Materials: Whiteboards
Other Items: 4 I-Pad Air 2, $399.00 each, total of $1596.00