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Fast Food Meal Planning for Early Childhood

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Keywords: Nutrition, Food, Meal Planning, Life Skills, Problem Solving, Early Childhood Education,
Subject(s): Social Skills, Home Economics, Early Learning, Special Needs, Math, English/Language Arts
Grades 9 through 12
NETS-S Standard:
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Communication and Collaboration
  • Research and Information Fluency
  • Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Decision Making
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School: Live Oak High School, Watson, LA
Planned By: Delanea Buffalo
Original Author: Delanea Buffalo, Watson
Bell Work: If you were a parent, what would your decision be if you child continuted to want fast food choices?

Procedures: (Detailed procedures showing a transition from one activity to another activity every 15-20 minutes. Vary the types of activities. Use as many activities as necessary.)
Introduction/1st Activity:
Review of My Plate daily nutritional requirements

Brief video on the nutritional status of fast food choices with a science experiment
Super Size me - smoking fry video clip

Discusson of fast food science experiment video clip:
Did the video have any impact on you personally and your food choices?

2nd Activity: Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down Transition - questioning technique and students respond with a thumbs up or thumbs down & Retweet

Introduction the fast food meal planning activity & discussion

Instructions and directions: students must create a meal plan using the requirements from My Pyramid and only the food choices from a randomly selected fast food menu and having the restrictions for a fictional child (ie: youre planning daily meals for little Johnny and he does not like cheese or anything green)

Assign partners & distribute materials: meal plan format chart, resturant menus and nutritional information

Partners will utilize Keagan Rally Coach technique: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, & Snack will be divided between the two partners and while one is meal planning the other will help identify nutritional information and coach when needed, the reverse roles. Each partner will plan two meals and coach two.

3rd Activity: Rate it transition - questioning technique where students respond using fingers to rate thier understanding on a scale from 1-5

Discussion of activity and collection of materials:
What were some of the problems you faced when planning the meals?
What do you think about fast food after discovering the nutritional information?
Do you think differently food choices offered to children now?

Closure: 3-2-1 with Formative Assesment Questions

Materials: smart board, text, notes, my pyramid informational sheets, restaurant menus and nutritional information, meal planning chart, DVD & video player, computers for research

Accommodations and Differentiation: Preferential seating, extended time, repeated directions, peer tutor, adjust assignment, able to write on activity, small group
Students make real life connections to food and nutrition choices for themselves and the children in their care.
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
Reading, researching, math, English, communication
Food label activity and Formative Assessment of Meal Planning
Links: My Plate
Materials: Whiteboards, Mobile Labs, DVD/VCR Players, Scientific, CDs and DVDs, Hard Drives, Printers, Flash/USB Drives, Inspiration, Web Page, Worksheets, Integrating Technology, Cause and Effect, Early Learning