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Introduction to Computer Science and Coding

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Keywords: computer science, technology, coding, robotics
Subject(s): Robotics, Technology
Grade 5
NETS-S Standard:
  • Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Decision Making
  • Technology Operations and Concepts
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School: Eneida Hartner Elem School, Miami, FL
Planned By: Irene Barry-Philord
Original Author: Irene Barry-Philord, Miami
Warm up - PowerPoint activity showing careers in computer science and coding

Introduction to the Lesson - Introduce students to Code.org to experience simple coding of animations. Students will understand that in order for objects to even complete simple task they need to be coded.

Presentation of materials: Students will be introduced to the CUE robot and all of its capabilities. They will then be introduced to the coding software that they will use to code the CUE robot.

Practice activities - Students will continue to practice on Code.org to become more familiar with coding. After they become familiar they will practice in the CUE coding software.

Application: Students will code the CUE robot to complete a task while increasing the challenge levels.

Evaluation Activity: The teacher will give students a task that need to be completed and the students will be evaluated on how successful they are at completing the task.

Reinforcement Activity: Students will create task for each other to complete as they work in small groups.

Extension Activities: Students will help be assigned to help other student in the lower grades the basic of coding which we will call the (The Coding Buddy).
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
Math - Students will calculate the distance the robot needs to move.
Social Studies - Real-world Problem Solving
Students will describe how coding can help in real world situations.
Materials: Video Tools, Tripods, Integrating Technology
Other Items: 2 Cue Robot, $200.00 each, total of $400.00
2 Hp Chrome books, $200.00 each, total of $400.00