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French Family Member Names and Possessive Adjectives (easily adapted to other World Languages)

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Keywords: French, World Language, family, possessive adjectives
Subject(s): Foreign Language
Grade 6
NETS-S Standard:
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Communication and Collaboration
  • Technology Operations and Concepts
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School: James Moran Middle School, Wallingford, CT
Planned By: Megan Perez
Original Author: Megan Perez, Wallingford
I. Introduction: Classroom message: Students read aloud with the teacher a "morning message" (modelled after Responsive Classroom) in French. The message ends with a walk-pair-share question. "Comment s'appelle ta mère? Comment est-elle?" (What is your mother's name and what is she like.) After students partner and exchange answers, volunteers report back to the class. (Sa mere s'appelle... His/her mother's name is)

II. Students log on to chromebooks and Google classroom and work through the next few exercises:

a.) song and question activity: Through link, students connect to Edpuzzle and listen to song "Ma Famille" by Alain Le Lait that pauses and asks students questions relating to the song.

b.) Bien Dit- on-line text: Students complete exercise on on-line textbook on possessive adjectives.

c.) Students finishing ahead of others can listen to Belgian artist Stromae's "Papaoutai" about a boy and his father.

III. Based on students' answers to on-line activity, teacher instructs students on any misunderstanding and misconceptions they have regarding possessive adjectives. This review lesson is followed by another exercise on possessive adjectives, this time in their workbook. The teacher reviews the activity and answers student questions.

IV) Students complete a scavenger hunt of their classmates' families. The hunt includes phrases such as "J'ai deux frères" (I have two brothers) "J'ai une belle mere" (I have a step-mother)

V) Remaining time - students may work on their "Ma Famille" projects - a Google slides presentation about their families. This project incorporates family member vocabulary, possessive adjectives, and previously learned material.
I am happy to share additional information or handouts relating to aspects of this lesson.
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
This lesson could possibly be linked to Social Studies in relation to families and how these units are viewed differently across cultures.
Students will submit their presentations and share them to the class.

Students will use quizlet.com to enforce vocabulary and meanings of possessive adjectives
Materials: Whiteboards
Other Items: 25 Chromebooks