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Aiming High with OSMO

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Keywords: Coding, Programming, Technology, OSMO, Computational Thinking, Logical Thinking, Problem-solving, STEM
Subject(s): Technology, Early Learning
Grades P-K through 2
NETS-S Standard:
  • Communication and Collaboration
  • Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Decision Making
  • Technology Operations and Concepts
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School: Parkwood Elementary School, Pasadena, TX
Planned By: Cynthia Ramirez
Original Author: Cynthia Ramirez, Pasadena
My campus will soon instruct PreK-Bilingual students along with our current K-2nd students. All students are provided the same opportunities to build on their skills for future careers. Computer science positions are growing and research shows that STEM employers are looking for skilled applicants. I want to help students build their skills in problem solving, computational thinking, and logical thinking. This lesson will provide all PreK-2nd Grade students the opportunity to solve problems by coding at their level and move to more challenging levels in a hands-on, tactile approach. The lesson will be split up into two days.

Day One:
1. Teacher will introduce the following terms to students:
-computer science
2. Teacher will introduce coding by using Code.org's CS Fundamentals Unplugged activity "Happy Maps".
Link with all materials:

1. Teacher reviews terms introduced on Day 1.
2. Teacher introduces OSMO's Coding with Awbie by showing Introduction to Coding with Awbie video: https://www.playosmo.com/en/coding/
3. Teacher first introduces the blocks to the students and shows them how they snap together.
4. Using Apple TV or having students gather around, teacher opens up the program for students to view. Teacher and students work out a few levels together discussing the steps needed.
5. Before completing the lesson, review with students the different block commands, as well as how to pick up and store pieces.

After completing the lessons, students will be able to use OSMO’s Coding with Awbie in pairs at a station or independently to build on their problem-solving skills. Teachers can also revert back to whole group lessons when introducing other terms such as: looping, if.
Thank you for the opportunity to provide resources to all students. I hope to use OSMO to help students succeed.
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
OSMO's Coding with Awbie will help build skills needed for all subjects, one example would be in math. In math, students need to be able to solve problems in steps. They need to break down problems and with OSMO's Coding with Awbie they are learning computational skills.
I hope to move students into more advanced coding using Code.org's CS Fundamentals Unplugged: https://code.org/curriculum/unplugged

Also, students will be independently coding using courses from Code.org: https://code.org/student/elementary
Links: Link to Elementary Code.org Courses
Link to Code.org Fundamentals Unplugged
Link to Coding with Awbie Video
Materials: Portable, Projector Screens, ESL, Integrating Technology, Early Learning
Other Items: 1 OSMO Coding with Awbie, $88 each, total of $88.00