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Add Sum Frogs

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Keywords: Adding, addition, adding frogs, math, Pre-K
Subject(s): Math, Writing, Technology
Grade P-K
NETS-S Standard:
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Communication and Collaboration
  • Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Decision Making
  • Digital Citizenship
  • Technology Operations and Concepts
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School: Oliver Beach Elementary School, Baltimore, MD
Planned By: Emily Karl
Original Author: Emily Karl, Baltimore
Students will join me on the carpet for math. I will have a flipchart on the Smartboard to use for the lesson. On the flipchart, I will have a big lily pad split in two sections. Around the lily pad there will be ten frogs. One child will roll a giant cube die and count the dots. They will say how many frogs need to be added to the lily pad on the left. Another student will touch the Smartboard and add that number of fogs on the lily pad (Every time a frog is clicked on it makes a “ribbit” sound). A third student will roll the die again and say how many frogs need to be added. A student will then go to the board and add that number of frogs to the right side of the lily pad. As a class, we will write an addition problem under the lily pad. Students on the floor will write the addition problem on a worksheet, and one student will write the numbers on the Smartboard. During the activity, we will create a video by recording each step. Afterwards, we will play the video and the children will watch the frogs hop onto the lily pad one-by-one. We will repeat this process a couple times so each child gets a turn either rolling the die and counting frogs or adding the frogs to the lily pad. Throughout the activity I will assess the children and collect data. This is a great activity that the children are participating hands-on; instead of paper and pencil.
Thank you for this important opportunity to use your grant to buy a Whiteboard for my classroom. It would greatly increase student engagement to have a mobile Whiteboard that we can move around the classroom. The students enjoy writing on the chalkboard, but there are more opportunities for student interaction and participation with a Whiteboard. This technology is an important way to facilitate my students’ learning, as they complete interactive activities on the Whiteboard. Exposing my students to a Whiteboard will better prepare them for Kindergarten by encouraging greater participation in learning activities. A Whiteboard will also introduce my students to the type of technology they will be expected to use in their future schooling.
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
The students will improve their gross motor and fine motor skills when moving objects across the Whiteboard. Also, the students will practice writing and spelling. With this activity, they are improving their math skills. Throughout the entire activity, the students are working on their social skills and learning to take turns.
I will change the lesson by not using the die and instead assigning an addition problem using frogs, which the students will solve using the Whiteboard. When the students complete the problem, I will have them write their own problem story and have a friend solve their problem. The follow-up will build on the initial activity but allow students the opportunity to collaborate and create.
Materials: Whiteboards