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Math All Around Us!

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Keywords: photographs, presentations, math
Subject(s): Math, Geometry, Technology
Grades 6 through 8
School: Wheeling Catholic Elem School, Wheeling, WV
Planned By: Tracie Seivertson
Original Author: Tracie Seivertson, Wheeling
The Project "Math All Around Us!" is an attempt to make students look at everyday objects in terms of various math concepts. The goal is to give the students an opportunity to think in terms of math. It will also allow the class to review general math concepts.

The project begins with the students taking a walk around the school with digital cameras in hand. They will be asked to take at least ten photographs of whatever they think is interesting. The photographs will then be uploaded to the computer and then inserted one photograph per page into a presentation software package.

After printing a draft copy of the presentation of pictures, the instructor will facilitate a conversation around the picture in terms of math concepts. For example, if a student takes a picture of a tree, math concepts that could be discussed and reviewed are counting (leaves, branches), geometry (circumference of trunk or branches, area of the shadow of the tree), measurements (height of the tree, length of the shadow) and so on.

After the discussion of one picture, students will be asked to brainstorm how math relates to their other nine pictures. When the brainstorming is completed, students will return to the computers to type their math ideas into the presentation near the respective photograph. Final presentations will be printed and presented to the class.

The students will:
Photograph ten pictures of ordinary objects around the school.
Upload, with assistance, the photographs to the computer.
Insert the photographs into presentation software.
Brainstorm and review math concepts related to their ten pictures.
Type math concepts into the presentation software.
Print final presentation.
Present their project to the class.
Materials: Slideshow, Math, Flash/USB Drives, Camera Bags, Point and Shoot, Word Processor
Other Items: 1 Memory Card for the Digital Camera, $30.00 each, total of $30.00
1 Color Printer Cartridge, $50.00 each, total of $50.00
1 Digital Camera, $200.00 each, total of $200.00
2 Reams of Photographic Paper, $40.00 each, total of $80.00