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Middle Ages Cross Curriculum Project

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Keywords: Middle Ages
Subject(s): History, Math, Science, English/Language Arts, Social Studies, Writing, Geography, Art
Grades 6 through 8
School: Laurin Middle School, Vancouver, WA
Planned By: Tammy Smith
Original Author: Tammy Smith, Battle Ground
Middle Ages-3rd Quarter Project
This quarter you will research and create a portfolio of the Middle Ages. The requirements of each subject area are listed below. Remember-this is 20% of your final grade. DUE DATE _______________

Language: choose 2 of the following:
1) After reading the novel Catherine, Called Birdy, write an epilogue (new ending) for the book that begins on October 1st. This should be written in diary form with several entries and be 300 words in length. The ending must be realistic and follow personalities of the characters.

2) Create a Storyboard for Catherine Called Birdy or Crispin. You must have 5 colored drawings with captions of events which took place in the story. Larger paper will be provided for this choice.

3) Do a 300 word compare/contrast paper about life for a teenager in the 21st Century versus life for a teenage during the Middle Ages. Use information from either Catherine, Called Birdy or Crispin. How would they be the same and different? What would be challenging, enjoyable, etc.?

Social Studies: choose 2 of the following:
1) Do a detailed map of Great Britain. Be sure to include physical and political features, compass, scale, and key. Map is done on plain, white, printer paper. Use color pencil and FINE tipped marker, not ink pen. (All rules for map drawings apply-color, water, etc.)

2) Research and write a 300 word report on Castles and life in a castle during the Middle Ages. Half of the report on Castles and half on life in a castle.

3) Research and write a 300 word report on one of the 4 MAJOR Crusades.

4) Research and write a 300 word report on a health issue of the Middle Ages. Concentrate on the causes/effects and treatments DURING THE MIDDLE AGES.

Math/Science: choose 3 of the following:
1) You will need to do a technical drawing of one of Leonardo da Vinci's inventions and a technical drawing of a modern-day machine (see pgs.320-321,324 of SS book). Technical drawings must include inside and outside views, labels for all parts, and directional arrows for all moving parts. Drawings must be colored. One per page. (inside view on one page/outside view on one page)

2) Create a timeline from 1000 to 1400. Place the year Birdy began her diary and the years of the first eight crusades above the timeline. Shade the years covered by each crusade. Locate 10 important discoveries/inventions. Place the years, discoveries, and 10 word descriptions of these below the timeline. Include drawings of some of the discoveries as well. Larger paper will be provided for this choice.

3) Construct a 3-D model of a village, blacksmith shop, bakery, or castle. You need to show the inside of the structure. Acceptable materials would include shoe boxes,craft sticks, sugar cubes, cardboard, construction paper,clay, etc. Unacceptable materials would include Legos, Lincoln Logs, etc. These should reflect the time period of the Middle Ages. If you have others ideas, check with your teacher. Because of limited classroom space, these must be done at home and brought in on the due date.

4) Versalius was the first to draw the human anatomy. Find a drawing of both the skeletal and the musculature structure of one LIMB and sketch and label it. A limb would be the arm and hand/fingers, or leg and foot/toes. Also include information about the various bones and muscles on your sketch. Your drawings must be colored and be done on printer paper or graph paper. Skeletal on one page/musculature on one page.

*You must include a Works Cited page for all materials used.
*All work must be typed or written in ink and put into a report folder in the order listed above. (except for 3-D model)

Grading: The 2 Language and 2 Social Studies pieces will be worth 50 points each. The 3 Math/Science pieces will be worth 30 points each, with 10 points for the Works Cited.
Links: Link to Vesalius
Link for Maps
Link to Britannia
Link to Yahoo
Link to TeacherOz/Middle Ages
Materials: Timeline, Word Processor, Social Studies, Flash/USB Drives, Batteries, Camera Bags, Digital SLR, Digital Voice Recorders
Other Items: 3 Dell Desktop computers, $2000.00 each, total of $6000.00
50 CD RW +/-, $3.00 each, total of $150.00
3 Computer Headsets, $10.00 each, total of $30.00
1 Dell Laptop, $1500.00 each, total of $1500.00
1 Color Laser Printer, $600.00 each, total of $600.00
3 PC speakers, $30.00 each, total of $90.00
30 Box Colored Pencils, $3.00 each, total of $90.00