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Ms. Sandy Williams
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PS 118 Lorraine Hansberry
New York City
Class Information:
Room Number: 303A
Students per Class: 13 - 28
Class Description:
They are funny, smart, witty, precocious, defiant, playful, naive, worldly, supportive, caring, competitive, challenging and very thirsty for knowledge.
Technology Teacher
I need at least 30 laptops and a cart in which to keep the laptops safely stored.
My Philosophy:
"It is amazing what one can do when one does not know that he can't do it." Garfield the cat upon noting that Oddie (the dog) has climbed up a tree to be near him.
Personal Information:
About Me:
It's simple really, I'm an enigma inside a conundrum, but I enjoy making people happy and granting wishes. I think that is why I found this web site or did it find me?
College and Degrees:
Masters is Elementary Education at Queens College of CUNY.
Photography, webpage building, reading, writing, videography, and collecting.
Favorite Books:
It's still and always will be "Gone With The Wind," followed closely by any early Stephen King.
Favorite Quotes:
See my philosophy.
Movies, art and museums.
Employment History:
I have been teaching all of my life.
Why Do I Teach?:
I teach because that's who I am. I teach to inspire...so kids can know from deep within that all things are possible when you put your mind to it.