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 Patrice Clynes has added the lesson plan Techno Lit Jan 03, 2011

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Here is the technology that Patrice Clynes has acquired through Digital Wish:
Here is the grant that I have won through Digital Wish: Inspired Kids Contest Winners - 05/2009
Mrs. Patrice Clynes
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Plantsville Elementary School
Class Information:
Room Number: 25
Students per Class: 17
Class Description:
My class of 17 ranges in age (as of Jan 2009) of 5 - 6 years old. I have a variety of special needs children as well as economically diverse students.
Digital Camera, Smart Board, Smart Board Software, CDs, DVDs
My Philosophy:
All children are able to learn when given the opportunity. I love to teach young children and watch them grow and learn. My students teach me something new every day as well!
Personal Information:
About Me:
I love what I do! I am a mother of three children, a wife, a student and a TEACHER!
College and Degrees:
BS-ed Math and Human Growth and Development, CCSU Masters in Educational Technology at CCSU in progress
Reading, Digital scrapbooking
Favorite Books:
The Tale of Desperaux, All the Places to Love, The Very Hungry Caterpillar
MANY! Mainly centered around my family and teaching. I love learning new technology.
Employment History:
Bristol Board of Education 2000-2001 SouthingtonBoard of Education 2001-present
Why Do I Teach?:
When I walk into my classroom everyday and I meet my Kindergarten students I am reminded of why I teach. Children deserve the best possible experiences and I can help to provide them with such.