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 Susan Ekblade has started a fundraiser, Stylus Freedom, for Susan Ekblade Jul 12, 2018
 Mrs. Ekblade Looking forward to starting a new year at a new school focused on Innovation and Inquiry! Go Altitude!!! Jul 12, 2018
 Mrs. Ekblade Just finished a two day seminar on SMARt. Man, am I feeling SMART! Mar 27, 2014
 Mrs. Ekblade Just finished a two day seminar on SMARt. Man, am I feeling SMART! Mar 27, 2014
 Susan Ekblade has added the lesson plans Geometry Hunters and The Waning Moon Oct 29, 2013
 Digital Wish has awarded the Spring into STEM Skills! grant to Susan Ekblade Jun 03, 2013
 Susan Ekblade has added to their wishlist Dec 11, 2012
 Mrs. Ekblade FINALLY figueing out cool ways to use ipod touch in my 4th grade classroom! May 11, 2012

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Here is the technology that Susan Ekblade has acquired through Digital Wish:
Here is the grant that I have won through Digital Wish: Spring into STEM Skills!
Mrs. Susan Ekblade
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Peakview Elementary School
Denver, CO
Class Information:
Room Number: L204
Students per Class: 25
Class Description:
Students from Guatemala, Africa, Turkey, Russia,and America learn and play together every day. I am constantly awed by their empathy, their spirit of community and their willingness to help each other succeed. Moving to a new school this year that is not registered yet!
teacher, 4th grade
Personal Information:
Why Do I Teach?:
I look into eyes of the future every day. It is my calling, and my mission to ensure that today's students learn to think, to care, to apply technology, and to want to contribute something special to the world. I LOVE my job. I learn and laugh every day with these amazing children. I want to ensure that students of all colors, all backgrounds have opportunities to use the tools of their present to build skills for their jobs of tomorrow