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Mrs. Marissa Rega
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Clairview School
Class Information:
Students per Class: 200
Class Description:
I am the technology push in teacher, and I created the tech program at my school. This program believes that technology should be used as a tool in the classroom, just as it is used in the working world. This program is based on three ideas: 1. Ensure that students have equitable access to various technologies to produce projects that demonstrate what they have learned. 2. Encourage students to collaborate on projects using different technology mediums. 3. In addition to standardized tests, use alternative assessment strategies that are based on students' performance of authentic tasks. Structural changes to the day: 1. Instead of technology being a pull out class, it will be a push in program. 2. Each student will receive technology push in one period a week, on a rotating day schedule.
Technology integration teacher
I would like the tech program to grow to benefit the students. I would love to have an interactive whiteboard in every classroom, ipod cart, flip videos and digital cameras for every classroom. Dream big!
My Philosophy:
My objective for my students is that they become the most independent and do the best that they can utilizing different technology mediums. I hope to foster critical thinking skills, higher order skills, and problem solving skills within the students that I teach. Books
Personal Information:
About Me:
I have been a teacher for eleven years. I have worked in learning support and life skills support classrooms and I am entering my second year as the technology integration teacher at Clairview School. In my current position, as technology teacher, I get to see and teach all of the students and show them how to utilize technology. We work on different things such as fine motor and gross motor skills on the interactive whiteboard, blogging and backchatting on the laptops, and much more.
College and Degrees:
I enjoy being a life long learner which is evident through my educational background. I am a graduate of California University of PA where I received my bachelor's degree in elementary and special education. I am currently pursuing a master's degree in school/community counseling.
I have been married for 11 years, to my wonderful husband, and have 3 beautiful children, a boy and 2 girls. They are 8, 6 and 1. I have a passion for music. I have been a singer since a small child and I enjoy sharing my love of music with growing performers. I started a music program at my school 5 years ago after receiving a grant from our school's foundation.
Favorite Books:
Children's- "I Love You Forever" Other- The Bible "Fight Like a Girl"
Favorite Quotes:
"To Fail is to Never TRY." "Make the Most of Every Opportunity in the Lifetime of that Opportunity"
Music, all things tech :), camping/outdoors,
Employment History:
Teacher (11 years) Vocal Performance Teacher Performer
Why Do I Teach?:
I teach because I am a life long learner. I feel that my students are my greatest teachers. I learn something from them everyday. The most important lesson I have learned from one my students, is to never take a single day for granted.
Number of students I teach:: 175 students