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I am the Executive Director of Digital Wish.
I can talk with students about what it's like to run a nonprofit. With a dual B.S. in communications and operations management (statistics) from Syracuse University, Heather has co-authored five books on classroom technology; designed more than 60 hands-on technology seminars for educators; launched online services for classroom clip art, worksheets, lesson plans, and formative testing and assessment; and written over 5,000 standards-based test questions. She serves on the board of directors for VITA-Learn (VT) and New England ISTE technology associations. Heather's foray into charitable work began by setting up a $50,000 grant program with Olympus that progressively expanded each year due to overwhelming demand. Based on the success of that program, Digital Wish was born.

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Here is the technology that Heather Chirtea has acquired through Digital Wish:
Mobile Hotspots with 12 Months of Internet Service Grant
Dell Classroom Netbook - Latitude 2120 with Bundled Accessories-e-VT Schools ONLY- Extra Units at eVT Pricing (19) from Krysta Piccoli
Dell USB External 8X DVD+/-RW
Dell External 56K USB Modem, Customer Install - For Latitude 2110 (30)
Power Adaptor for Dell Latitude 2110, 65 Watt Spare AC Adaptor with 1M Power Cord (30)
Dell Classroom Netbook Insurance - Latitude 2110 Bundle- THIS IS JUST THE COMPLETE CARE INSURANCE PORTION - EVT ONLY (10)
Dell Classroom Netbook - Latitude 2110 with Bundled Accessories plus 3-Year Complete Care Insurance- EVT ONLY (10)
Power Adaptor for Dell Latitude 2110, 65 Watt Spare AC Adaptor with 1M Power Cord
Dell External 56K USB Modem, Customer Install - For Latitude 2110
Ms. Heather Chirtea
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[email protected]ish.org
Digital Wish
Class Information:
Class Description:
I am the creator of Digital Wish, and I have been training educators to use technology for over 12 years. Teachers need technology...or they can't effectively prepare students to succeed in the global economy.
Founder of Digital Wish
The technology shortfall affects schools across the country. It's not a wealth issue. There are wealthy and poor schools alike, all lacking in basic technology for students. In fact, many wealthier district have even less funding for technology, due to the current legislation. There are at least 10 states that provide exactly $0 for technology funding in schools. That's a crisis. Businesses, schools, parents, and students need to band together and network to fundraise for technology in schools. It's America's future.
My Philosophy:
Technology in education is "Manifest Destiny"! This is the world we live in.
Personal Information:
About Me:
I'm working hard every day to band together businesses, philanthropists, private donors, and the press, to work towards solving the technology shortages in schools.
College and Degrees:
I have a BS in Statistics and a BS in Communications/ Television Production from Syracuse University, graduating with honors.
Computers, photography, kids, TV production, sledding, and skating. Singing, music and pretty much anything my kids are doing would be my favorite activity.
Favorite Quotes:
The world is indeed flat!
Employment History:
I worked in television stations for 5 years, and did a year-long stint as a studio hand on Fox News in Baltimore. Then I moved to California and designed computer games for a few year. Along with the kids came the jobs in education. Soon I started my own software licensing firm, then I started Tool Factory, then I started Digital Wish.
Why Do I Teach?:
It's America's future. It's my kid's future.