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Immigration Fair

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Keywords: Immigration Fair
Subject(s): English/Language Arts, Social Studies
Grades 8 through 12
School: Dakota High School, Macomb, MI
Planned By: Monica Eraqi
Original Author: Monica Eraqi, Macomb
Each Social Studies 10 and English 10 classes divide their students into groups of four and then assign each group a country to research. There will obviously be an overlap of certain countries between the entire grade, which is acceptable as each project will have individual characteristics.

In groups the students research their country and complete a tri-fold board that displays required information such as:

-Map of country immigrants emigrated from
-Country Flag
-Settlement Map of U.S.A. (where the immigrants settled apon arrival to the U.S.)
-Three problems their (group's) immigrants faced in America
-Examples of assimilation
-3 Pictures of famous people from that country
-Famous cultural dish from that country with the recipe on the board and a picture of the completed dish. (This is also the same dish that the group will be making for the day of the Fair.)

Allow students at least 3 class periods to work on. Some work will require time outside of class.

All students will assemble in the gym on the day of the fair. Each group is responsible for bringing their board, music and cultural dish and setting it up on tables in the gym. For extra credit, allow group members to wear clothes from the group's assigned country.

Students then have the hour to travel from "country to country," sampling music, food and clothing. The amount of food each group is required to bring depends on the size of the class. This year's sophomore class consisted of more than 700 students so each group brought enough food to feed at least 20 people.

Assign students an "Evaluation Worksheet," that requires them to evaluate at least two other groups of different countries.
"Flags of Nations:" All the flags of those nations participating in immigration fair were hung in the school's main hallway during the two week event.

This form of Immigration Fair was written by the teachers (in particular, Mr. Mark Faoro) at Dakota High School, Macomb, MI.
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
English class are not required to participate, but have in the past. While students are researching their country in their social studies classes they are also reading stories about immigrant groups in English class. After reading first-hand immigrant accounts students then write a letter, as an immigration from their assigned country, showing challenges and hardships faced in leaving their country, the journey and finally the arrival to the United States.
Watch the movie, "Far and Away."