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People, Places, Stories, Faces

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Keywords: Writing, photography
Subject(s): English/Language Arts, Social Studies, Art, Photography
Grades K through 8
School: Folsom Educational & Cmty Ctr, South Hero, VT
Planned By: T. Bashaw
Original Author: T. Bashaw, South Hero
Students have an introductory lesson in use of the digital camera with our art teacher.

Goals: Develop narrative writing skills
Learn local history
Interact with community (people & places)

Time period: 2-5 lessons

Materials: digital cameras (1 for every 3 students)
local tour guide (community member)
writing journal
printer for pictures
computers/ journals for stories

Steps: 1. Students take pictures of each other to
practice and start with portrait taking
2. Tell students they each get to take 5-6
pictures and will have to share and pass
the cameras. Keeping track is easier because
you have the pictures of the students using
each camera in the camera!
3. A community member takes us on a walking tour
of the neighborhood. Students snap their pictures
when they are inspired
4. We return to school and begin to write stories
about our pictures
5. Teacher and peer editing sessions are held,and
in art they work on editting the digital
6. Stories and pictures are shared at an Open House
Evening at the library

* This lesson was a successful venture due to colaboration with our art teacher,librarians (school & community), a local story teller, myself, and the loaned donation of several digital cameras
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
This lesson covers art, history, social studies, and library
Create a book of stories, poems, and pictures put together
Materials: Digital SLR, Word Processor, Social Studies, xD Memory Cards