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Emily Demmert
Blatchley Middle School
Sitka, AK
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Why I Teach: I enjoy the fun and creativity that kids naturally exude. It's rewarding to watch kids discover their own potential.


Jennifer Ruff
Ascension Lutheran School
Landover Hls, MD
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Classroom Description: I have several students at the high end of the academic profile, reading at a third grade level and beyond, and several students that are severely struggling with letter-sound correspondence and are not yet reading. I have 16 amazing students who are such a blessing to my life and have already taught me so much about the career of teaching.


Nicole Rodriguez
Starmount Middle School
Boonville , NC
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Nicole Rodriguez needs Get an Apple iPad for your Classroom! - 128GB , $429.00, 0.00% raised

I need this because... Would love to have this for my classroom so we could use to make videos, picture projects, Facetime with other classrooms across the world. We have a ...

Why I Teach: I teach and coach because I love kids and love the fact that I can have a major impact on their lives.


Jamie Polk
Townview Ed-Soc Serv Mag HS
Dallas, TX
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Jamie Polk needs Standard Digital Camera Lab, $2599.00, 8.02% raised

I need this because... I would like to share with you my classroom experience. My name is Jamie Polk from the Rosie M.C. Sorrells-School of Education and Social Services at ...

Why I Teach: I believe a strong and sustainable community starts with a quality education. I teach because I want to give back to the community that helped me beco ...


Tamera Steele
Armitage Academy
Kenosha, WI
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Tamera Steele needs SanDisk 2GB SD Memory Card, $26.97, 71.64% raised

I need this because... For use with student cameras.


Sheri Edwards
Nespelem Elementary School
Nespelem, WA
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Why I Teach: I teach to guide the future, to encourage democracy, and to enable each child to become their dreams.


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