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Katrina Langenfeld
Alpharetta High School
Alpharetta, GA
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Tracy Tyler
Mechanicsville Elem School
Mechanicsvlle, VA
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Tracy Tyler needs eno Interactive Whiteboard 4'x6', $1627.00, 6.15% raised

I need this because... I am an exceptional education teacher, in a low-income school, and instruct students of various disability classifications who all learn in a variety ...

Why I Teach: I teach for the love of my students! I am so committed to education and to differentiating the delivery of instruction based on what each student nee ...


Katie Snyder
J T Hoggard High School
Wilmington, NC
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Katie Snyder needs Asus 18.5" LCD Monitor, $99.00, 0.00% raised

I need this because... I have a large, boxy monitor that takes up a lot of space on my desk. This will help maximize space and make lesson planning a lot easier!

Classroom Description: I teach three different social studies classes, including U.S. History, World History, and Law & Justice. I do not currently have technology in my classroom but my teaching style requires an LCD projector at a minimum.


Denise Hodges
Surline Elementary
West Branch, MI
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Denise Hodges needs Teacher PA System, $149.00, 33.56% raised

I need this because... With children entering school with speech and language difficulties, this device will allow the students to adequately hear and decipher between lette ...

Classroom Description: I will be teaching kindergarten in the fall. I wrote a grant and got 2 ipod touches for next year! I love technology because the students are so engaged! I also let my students play apps on my personal iphone. They are in love wtih technology and gadets.


Hayley Parker
Mt. Auburn International Academy
Cincinnati, OH
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Hayley Parker needs eno Interactive Whiteboard 4'x8', $2035.00, 2.67% raised

I need this because...

Why I Teach: I work with students grades 8-11 teaching Algebra 1, 2, and Geometry.


Jennifer Grant
Champion Middle School
Warren, OH
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Jennifer Grant needs eno Interactive Whiteboard 4'x8', $2035.00, 0.00% raised

I need this because... To be perfectly honest...as an English teacher board space is essential. ( I have 1 chalkboard) Not to mention, it is so dated that sidewalk chalk won ...

Why I Teach: Why do you learn?


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