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Tech for 21st Century Students

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Technology is just a tool; however, today, educators are developing 21st Century learners and need 21st Century tools. My students and I want to use Google Classroom in our classroom and they need daily access to computers. With greater access to technology, my students will be able to decrease dependency on paper and pen/pencil work. They will have the ability to research, create power point presentations, type and edit their own and classmates papers. They will be able to easily submit their work and receive feedback. They also use learning programs such as Zinc Reading Labs, MobyMax, and various others. Although we have two desktop computers, we need more computers available for collaborative classroom work. Every little bit helps! Our classroom thanks you!

Share This Link: http://www.digitalwish.com/msjensensclassroom

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Tech for 21st Century Students
Tech for 21st Century Students
Goal $4,499.00, $80.00 raised

Danika Jensen
Doral Academy - Pebble Campus

Top Wishes:
Dell Chromebook 11 (refurbished)
Dell Chromebook 11 (refurbished)
Chromebook Storage and Charging Cart - 32 capacity
Chromebook Storage and Charging Cart - 32 capacity