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Nuts Over Our Notebooks

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Interactive Notebooks are powerful tools to enable students to be creative, independent thinkers and writers. Interactive Notebooks allow students to express their ideas in unique ways,and process information presented in class. Completed Interactive Notebooks become valuable study tools for students to reflect back on, and are great as a record of student progress over time. Students need to be organized. The purpose of the interactive notebook is to enable each student to be a creative, independent and reflective thinker and writer throughout the year while keeping their materials organized and together in one spiral-bound notebook. In this format things are entered into a system that forces the student to be organized. No more just open your notebook and stick it somewhere approach. Interactive notebooks will be used for class notes as well as for other activities where the student will be asked to express their own ideas and process and/or apply the information and skills learned in class. It also helps students review for final exams, and can be carried with them for reference for future classes. Implementation will begin on the first day of class. That day students will set up their notebooks and be given their first tasks to complete. These will include decoration of a cover to show subject to be covered this semester, creation of a title page for the notebook, a page to show the student's life and interests, and a contract between the student and teacher to show commitment to this notebook. This will be the students' first assignments. The interactive notebook is governed by several rules: 1) teacher input goes on one side (the right side) while student output goes on the other side (or left side), 2) pages are permanently bound in the book such as in a composition or spiral notebook, 3) use color and creativity to connect related ideas in meaningful (to the student) ways. Each day the notebook will be used for me to give information on the right side, and for the students to process that information into left sides that show understanding, reflection, and learning. Through this process we will create our own textbook for American History II as they progress throughout the semester. My goal is to make available to all my students the resources they need to actively engage in their own learning experience in American History through the use of interactive notebooks. The purpose of the interactive notebook is to enable students to be creative, independent and reflective thinkers and writers. Interactive notebooks will be used for class notes as well as other activities where students will be asked to express their own ideas and process and or apply the information and skills learned in class. Notebooks will be checked weekly. All class notes and notebook right-side assignments should be included, even for the days a student was absent. Each right-side assignment must be completed. Then each right side page must have a left side where one or more of the concepts or skills used on the right side are applied. this shows the students' understanding of the material. Notebooks show understanding and give me an ongoing opportunity to access my students' comprehension of the materials. Students perform better on tests because they are constantly reviewing materials instead of cramming the night before a test. The notebooks themselves are one of my best ways of testing my students for understanding, and challenging them to use the information we discuss in class in a creative way.

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