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Our school library is in need of an iPad cart! We have over 300 students and over 25 staff who come to use the space. Currently, we only have about 5 computers in the library (which are very loved and becoming obsolete). With an iPad cart, we would be able to:
*Provide technology pathways for 21st century learning
*Listen to ebooks for ELA students
*Find/search for books to motivate and create a love of learning
*Work toward the "Tower of Books" project (read 30-40 books this year that will expand students' horizons.)
*Create Culturegrams for exploring other countries with up-to-date information
*Research people, places, and subject that interest and motivate students across cultures and languages.

Much of our student population is first generation American or recently immigrated. We are a school of hard working families. Combine those qualities and you get a lot of kids who do not have technology at home and parents with no extra time to take them to the public library. First priority for these iPads would be non- English speakers. To see and hear English spoken properly is imperative to a successful education in this country. Next focus would be on the ‘I don’t like to read’ kids. To me that says, “You haven’t helped me find a way to get excited about reading.” Technology is a great way to have ‘help’ when a teacher is not available. All of our 350 students will have access to these iPads. Teachers will be able to check out a set for a classroom lesson. Most importantly, students at Graham Hill will be able to access the same information that is available to wealthy schools where money is no object! Let’s bring quality access to all.
PLEASE consider donating toward an iPad cart, and providing all of our students the opportunity and access to new technology!

Share This Link: http://www.digitalwish.com/dw/digitalwish/view_fundraiser?id=1984

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JK Burwell
Graham Hill Elementary School
Classroom Description: Our library is a beautiful open space with lots of natural light. One of my goals is to create ‘nooks’ where kids can curl up and read, undisturbed. The iPads will help non-readers feel like they can do this, to. My library is growing, but there is a lot that we still need! The library is a central meeting space for students and staff. It is located in the center of the building and has working tables, a few (very well used and loved) computers and a comfy reading area. Surrounding the walls are floor to ceiling book shelves. Because more than 65% of our student body is low income, we are in a predicament: we are able to fundraise for basic materials for our school to function. We are truly an equitable community so that money is spread around to everyone, but that money goes only so far, and can not cover the growing needs of our library.

Top Wishes:
Classroom Set of iPads (Grade C) with Secure Charging Cart
Classroom Set of iPads (Grade C) with Secure Charging Cart
Hamilton Buhl Deluxe Headset with In-line Microphone and iCompatible TRRS Plug
Hamilton Buhl Deluxe Headset with In-line Microphone and iCompatible TRRS Plug