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Raiders of the eSports Arena!

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I need help to fund the creation of an eSports lab at my high school. Specifically, I would like to purchase gaming computers for my school to use for practices and competitions. eSports are organized, multiplayer, video game competitions. They have been growing in popularity over the last ten years. Cities across the U.S. are beginning to build eSports arenas because of the growing popularity. Many high schools across the nation are realizing the benefit of eSports, and those high schools are implementing eSports teams. There are now several leagues that high schools can join such as High School eSports league, which is a national league that connects competing teams in different states. Indiana is in the process of starting its own network of schools for competitive leagues.

The gaming computers I would like to purchase would be able to handle the load of running the game software and processing the graphics better. I would purchase six gaming computers each at a cost of $1000. With six computers, we could run every current competitive game played on PCs, and we would have enough to have a full team playing at any given time. To also help offset the donation given to Digital Wish, I'm requesting an additional 8% of the cost of the gaming computers.

Share This Link: http://www.digitalwish.com/esportsforraiders

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