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EHS Art Laptops

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Approximately 62% of the student population at my school is considered economically disadvantaged, which often translates to a high mobility rate and poor school attendance, a lack of foundational literacy skills, vocabulary deficiency, lack of confidence, and motivation. A digital literacy divide exists among these disadvantaged groups of students due to limited access of technology at home. With limited computer courses offered in a school day, plus a shortness of funding access to technology outside of school, students lack room in their schedules for elective digital/computer classes. As a result, students are seriously deficient in digital literacy skills when they graduate.

As a visual art teacher, I would like to be able to purchase a class set of laptops so that these students can become more digitally literate. I have a number of units/lessons planned that incorporate skills in graphics design, animation and video that engage students in creating posters, PSA's, and short movies that address current issues of teen suicide and cyberbullying to be used throughout the campus as well as in the wider community).

In creating these , students will not only be doing service but becoming more prepared for higher education or more marketable in the job sector when they graduate. $7250.00 will allow me to purchase 10 laptops. I am applying to three other grant opportunities to cover the cost of the rest of the (20) laptops as well as the charging station cart.

Share This Link: http://www.digitalwish.com/ehs_art

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EHS Art Laptops
EHS Art Laptops
Goal $7,250.00, $0.00 raised

Pam Valcante
Eastside High School