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As a teacher, my goal is to fill my classroom with as many authentic learning experiences for my students as possible so that will be prepared to contribute in a modern society. In order to accomplish that goal, my students need equitable access to technology. My classroom consists of 6 collaborative learning groups. Currently, I only have access to 3 computers in my classroom. My goal is to raise enough money to purchase 3 refurbished iPads from Apple as well as 3 wireless keyboards from Amazon.com, so that each collaborative learning group can have access to technology. This will allow students to work together through online forums such as Google Classroom every day, reducing our paper waste and increasing students' digital knowledge and digital citizenship. These skills are essential for students to learn in order to be prepared for the 21st Century workforce. Please consider partnering with me to make digital collaboration and instruction for my kiddos a reality!

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Digital Collaboration
Digital Collaboration
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