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Laptop for Student with MD

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Dear Prospective Donor,
I am working to raise funds to purchase a new laptop for middle school boy who is diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy. This laptop would be for use daily in all of his classes and at home.
This student currently uses a motor wheelchair to get around and is still able to circle and highlight answers on paper, but would benefit from a new laptop in order for him to use voice control and to be able to dictate his work to his computer. We already have a wheelchair mount to hold the laptop, voice recognition software, and a headset with a microphone for this student to use.
The use of this laptop can give my student independence in completing schoolwork. This independence is very important for him. Muscular Dystropy is a progressive disease. He is already losing the ability to move his arms, as you or I do each day, due to decreased muscle strength and endurance. Empowering this student to continue to work hard and to try to be as independent as he possibly can will greatly improve his quality of life as he continues to grow up.
We have used the technology that is available in our school district and even tried to use an iPad without success. We need a newer more efficient laptop for this student to use. Trying to use less efficient used technology has been a frustrating experience for this student as well as myself. I know in my heart that he has the motivation and the capability to rise to the General Education expectations of his teachers. He would be able to do this with the proper tool- a new efficient laptop.

Share This Link: http://www.digitalwish.com/amysaegert

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Laptop for Student with MD
Laptop for Student with MD
Goal $1,042.00, $0.00 raised

Amy Saegert
Nassau County Schools -Assistive Technology - Exceptional Student Education

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Dell Classroom Laptop -  Latitude E6400  (Refurbished)
Dell Classroom Laptop - Latitude E6400 (Refurbished)
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Upgrade to 4GB RAM (Select Latitude Products)
Upgrade to 9 Cell Battery (Latitude E6400)
Upgrade to 9 Cell Battery (Latitude E6400)