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Visual Literacy Project

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I would like to create a visual literacy unit for my third grade students to learn how music, pictures and images work together to create meaning or change thinking. In this world of constant visual chaos impacting our children, I would like to begin to teach them about the power of their words. Learning to express them with just the right visual choices and choosing the right media outlet, their thoughts can influence thinking around the world.
By using a set of mini i-pads I can create a unit to begin this work. Small groups will collaborate to create projects like one called Ignite.
Ignite is a presentation style designed to make it easy to share ideas and passions through three simple rules: presentations are fixed at five minutes, they all have exactly 20 slides, and each of these slides are automatically displayed for 15 seconds.
Read more at http://www.geeksaresexy.net/2010/03/03/ignite-your-presentations-with-ignite/#isD51dlWxYUK1ab3.99
Complex thinking is one of the key points emphasized in the Common Core State Standards. I feel that when technology is used in a manner that creates productivity, this is complex thinking. This is an exciting project that my third grade students will tremendously benefit from for years to come!

The tools I plan to purchase are 7 mini I-pads, 7 smart covers, I- pad stands and apps for the project.

Thank you for your support!

Share This Link: http://www.digitalwish.com/darkowc

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Visual Literacy Project
Visual Literacy Project
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Christine Darkowski
Eleanor Hornung Elementary Sch
Why I Teach: I love the job I get to do every year! I truly enjoy the challenge of educating children in the ever-changing climate of education. There is always something new to learn, lessons to tweak, and children to motivate. Influencing change in the children I teach is the reason I still love my job after 23 years in the classroom.