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Mrs. Kathleen Ryan


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Here is the technology that Kathleen Ryan has acquired through Digital Wish:
Clip Art Station, Single user, one year from International Cars LTD
Tool Factory Keyboarding Adventure from International Cars LTD
Here is the grant that I have won through Digital Wish: Clip Art Station Grant - 03/2010
Mrs. Kathleen Ryan
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E J Harrington Elem School
Lynn, MA
Class Information:
Room Number: 118
Students per Class: 75
Class Description:
I teach a Gifted & Talented program for 5th graders from all over the city of Lynn, Massachusetts. The students come from a very diverse population in a city with a high percentage of families falling below the poverty line. English is a second language for many of Lynn's students. This program has no budget. Everything is funded through fundraising.
director/teacher of a gifted & talented program for 5th graders
We are in desperate need of all kinds of technology..... and would love to have a smart board, computers with DVD and CD drives, digital photo equipment, microscopes and other science equipment, etc. We have built the basic robot through Lego First - and need funding to continue on to the regional competition. We also would like funds to sponsor special artist programs, and field trips to enrich our standards based curriculum.