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Mrs. Kristen Hernandez


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Adventures in Podcasting! Incredible Lesson Plans for Your Classroom Book (PDF File Format), $9.95, 0.00% raised
Tool Factory Movie Maker
10-pack Why I need this:
I feel that the Tool Factory Movie Maker is an exciting and motivating way to capture students minds. This is a great way for students to display their knowledge of the concepts taught in the Math class. The students can create commercials for fractions, decimals, percents, etc.. They can teach lessons to other classes within their grade level or other grade levels. The integration of Math into this program is a pot of endless ideas, I could go on and on. I am excited about this program and being able to integrate it into my classroom.
Quantity: 1 Price: $349.75
Edit video, create a claymation sequence, or build a slide show with simple click-and-drag mouse movements.

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Here is the technology that Kristen Hernandez has acquired through Digital Wish:
Here is the grant that I have won through Digital Wish: National Arts & Humanities Month - 10/2008
Mrs. Kristen Hernandez
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Carolyn Park Middle School
Class Information:
Students per Class: 100
Class Description:
I am an Educational Technology Specialist for the Fort Worth Independent School district.
Educational Technology Specialist
Technolgoy equipment to allow the students to increase their learning and love for education. Technology is a chance for the students to see what is available to them and to see how exciting learning can be.
Personal Information:
About Me:
I am a Educational Technology Specialist for the Fort Worth Independent School district. I have been married to my high school sweetheart for almost 4 years now. After dating for 9 years we took the plunge in 2005, right before Hurricane Katrina. I love to sing, play on the computer, watch movies, listen to music, and mostly just relax when I can. Teaching has been my dream since I was five. After five years of teaching, I am glad I chose this profession. My teaching philosophy includes teaching with the “brain in mind” and producing lifelong learners through technology and through a love for learning. I want my students to consider learning fun so they will continue learning long after they have left my classroom. Not only is technology a huge part of our everyday lives, it provides a rich learning environment in today’s classroom. I feel that technology is an exceptional vehicle for addressing students’ individual differences. I am a strong believer in the effectiveness of brain based learning games that allow students to actively participate in their learning experience. The “KEY” is to show them that learning can be fun! Effective teachers are also lifelong learners. This is important because we need to keep informed of rapidly changing ideas concerning teaching methods and techniques. I have been working on a masters degree in Technology so that I can use this knowledge to enhance my students learning experiences.
College and Degrees:
Bachelor of Arts, Elementary Education (Grades 1-8), December 2003, Southeastern Louisiana University, Hammond, Louisiana MEd, Educational Technology Leadership Southeastern Louisiana University, July 2008
Student Council Sponsor, Technology Committee, School Improvement Plan Technology Writer, Technology Trainer
Favorite Books:
Silver, Woodsong, Remembering the Good Times, The Outsiders, Numberthe Stars
Favorite Quotes:
"If you see someone without a smile, give them one of yours because it could be the only one they get that day!"
Singing, Computers, Sports, Reading, Teaching, Trying to Relax
Employment History:
Freshwater Elementary- Denham Springs, LA 2003-2005, Carolyn Park Middle- Slidell, LA 2005-Present
Why Do I Teach?:
There are many factors that influenced me in becoming a teacher. Those factors include tradition, inspiration, love, and to build confidence. These words are so powerful and tell of the true love and devotion to the profession. A caring heart goes along way in the teaching profession, but leaves a pleasant mark on so many. I have wanted to be a teacher since I was five. My mother has been a teacher as long as I can remember and she is the person who showed me the love and the importance of the teaching field. I remember playing school with her old books as a child. My uncle was a band director for twenty years before his retirement. My uncle gave me my first instrument which was a violin. He introduced me to the love of music which led me to branch out into singing. Teaching is in my blood and it just feels so natural to me. My whole purpose in becoming a teacher is to make learning fun and to let my students know that no matter the problem, I am always there for them. Establish a positive rapport with your students is the key to achieving success in the classroom. If your students know that you understand them and care for them; then they are going to want to please you. Even at twelve, they want to please the teacher just to see them smile. The biggest factor in becoming a teacher was to fix all the problems I had growing up in school. I know how it feels not to understand something and no one to explain it to me in a brain friendly way. My goal is to help my students understand and appreciate what they learn, help them become confident in themselves, and produce lifelong learning through the process. I have seen students get so excited about their success and when I see their smiles, it makes it all worth it. When that final bell rings for the year you hope that you have made a positive impression on their lives that they will remember for years to come. You hope that what you have taught sticks, but mostly that they go on to reach and achieve their goals while staying out of trouble.