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Mrs. Jaimee Mercer


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MimioVote 24 Vote System, $1699.00, 0.44% raised
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This is a great way to engage students and encourage participation from all students at all times!
Quantity: 1 Price: $1699.00
The MimioVote™ assessment system simplifies assessment, grading, and record-keeping. Create tests with custom or standardized content, and record results automatically, in real time.

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 Jaimee Mercer has bought Lightweight Headphones Dec 28, 2012
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 Kim Rich has donated $50.00 to Jaimee Mercer Aug 30, 2012
 Mia Rollins has donated $25.00 to Jaimee Mercer Aug 18, 2011
 Jaimee Mercer is friends with Kim Tuminello Sep 12, 2010
 Chrystal Tompkins has donated $20.00 to Jaimee Mercer Sep 11, 2010

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Here is the technology that Jaimee Mercer has acquired through Digital Wish:
Lightweight Headphones (9)
Mrs. Jaimee Mercer
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Elm Grove Elementary
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Number of students I teach:: 22 students