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Ms. hsiao-wei yang


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 Ms. yang This term begins on September 7th. Sep 03, 2010
 Anonymous has donated $105.00 to hsiao-wei yang Aug 25, 2010
 Anonymous has donated $20.00 to hsiao-wei yang Aug 21, 2010
 Ms. yang is working on rainwater harvesting project. Aug 19, 2010
 Ms. yang 感動中 :^^: Aug 19, 2010
 Anonymous has donated $25.00 to hsiao-wei yang Aug 19, 2010
 hsiao-wei yang has added to their wishlist Aug 18, 2010
 Ms. yang creates mobile learning classroom in NYC Aug 18, 2010


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Ms. hsiao-wei yang
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The Door
Class Information:
Room Number: 117 ESOL
Students per Class: all the seats are taken 座無虛席
Class Description:
This is a class filled with hardworking students, tears welling stories, loving community and endless joy . The students are from every corner of the world and heading towards all roads of life.
Instructional Coordinator
Give us tools we learn a trade. Offer us an opportunity we make a living. Support us with your action we stand firm. Embrace us, we move forward together.
My Philosophy:
Knowledge is like a garden: If it is not cultivated, it cannot be harvested. African Proverb I water the knowledge thirst learners, comb out weeds when they are suffocated and stand back when the flowers are appreciated. I propagate when they are ready to move on. The taste of bearing fruit is a celebration of the garden full of striving souls .
Personal Information:
About Me:
I am a proud mother hen who educate countless chicks in the classroom.
Why Do I Teach?: