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Olympia High School
4301 S Apopka Vinlnd Rd
Orlando, FL 32835-3115

County: Orange
School Type: Senior
District: Orange Co School District
Title 1: Yes
Grades: 9 to 12
Website: Olympia High School
Phone: (407)905-6400
Fax: (407)905-6465

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Mrs. Nancy Bardoe
Ms. Sheila Mansier
Dr. Lance Tyree
Ms. Heather Kreider
Ms. Stephanie Possell
Ms. Nancy Coleson
Mr. Samuel Davis
Ms. Jean Adams
Mrs. Maria Stanton
Ms. Jennifer Altier
Mr. Michael Simpson
Mrs. Oda Vail
Ms. Sylvia d'Torres
Mr. Abdool Samad
Mrs. Linda Vaughn
Ms. Julie Montione
Ms. Louise Williams
Ms. kimberly childress
Ms. Peggy Schwartz
Ms. Karen Thomas
Mr. Seth Knight
Mr. James Keith
Mr. Ted Waterfall
Ms. Angela Kahn
Mrs. Jennifer Rogers
Ms. sandra kubany
Mr. Tod Joossens
Ms. Thomas Corry
Mr. David Lovely
Mr. Chris Mills
Ms. Lourdes Casanova
Mrs. Janice McClure
Ms. Vivian Triche
Mr. Raj Badri
Mr. Robert Carmody
Ms. Judith Pappas
Mr. Brett Pelham
Ms. Lisa Gray
Ms. Julie Lasowski
Ms. Randi Schwartz
Ms. Mariela Laracuente
Mr. Michael Pearl
Mrs. Meire Silva
Ms. Amaralys Valle
Ms. Charlotte Barber
Mrs. Cheryl Woods
Mr. Francisco Chaparro
Ms. Gordon Weaver
Ms. Nancy Bridge
Ms. virginia gregory
Mrs. Kim Beltrame
Mr. joe greenberg
Ms. Patricia Ostenburg
Mr. John Puchein
Ms. tracy ebert
Ms. David Cooper
Ms. linda cook
Mrs. Cheryl Palmese
Mr. Jack Graham
Mrs. Gail Stockard
Mr. Kevin Ograttan
Mrs. Molly Sidwell
Ms. Michele Browne
Ms. Brunelle Cinous
Ms. Stephanie Manny
Mr. Michael Cacciatore
Ms. Ida Gonzalez
Mr. Anthony Thomas

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Recent Activity
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 Lance Tyree has added the lesson plan Mitosis and Meiosis Field Project Feb 24, 2011
 Dr. Tyree In Honors Biology we starting our Ecology unit . In Anatomy we are starting the Skeletal system. Sep 02, 2010
 Ms. Pappas Tell everyone what you're up to. Apr 22, 2010
 Ms. Altier Tell everyone what you're up to. Apr 15, 2010