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Marcus's Big City Adventure

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Keywords: Nutrition, Kidspiration, Internation Foods, Multicultural
Subject(s): English/Language Arts, Technology, Health and PE
Grades 4 through 5
School: Hillsboro Elementary School, Hillsboro, WI
Planned By: Jenny Shore
Original Author: Jenny Shore, Hillsboro
Introduction – Students have read introductory lessons regarding the five food groups, what foods belong to each group and what nutrients are contained in each food group. These are taken from the National Dairy Council and their web lessons on nutrition.
Procedure - Students will read Marcus’s Big City Adventure as a large group. As we read, students will underline foods that are purchased at the various markets throughout the story. When we are finished reading, we will discuss where some of those foods came from and find them on a map. In order to check for understanding have students identify what foods belong in which food group using the chart on page 21. Remind the students that all of the food groups should contain the correct number of daily servings. Collect this when students are finished.
Technology Integration – The students will implement a teacher created Kidspiration template to teach the rest of the class about some multicultural foods. The teacher will demonstrate using the SMART Board what the template for this activity looks like and where to find it on the computer. The teacher will also show them how to complete the template using one of the foods from our story and wikipedia.com. Students will be introduced to the rubric and practice scoring the one made in class.
Students will be paired with another students and draw out of a hat a food from our list. They will then implement Wikipedia.com in order to find their information about a chosen “foreign food.” This information will be put into the template. (This may take a couple of class periods.) Students will present their foods in front of the classroom in order to teach the rest of the class about their given food.

Have students use a paper plate and find photos of a foods that would create a balanced meal and the correct amount of servings. Use magazines to create the collage.
Links: Link to National Dairy Council Lessons
Materials: Word Processor, Mind Mapping