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Career Portfolio

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Keywords: Portfolio, Career, Internet, Research
Subject(s): Social Skills, Technology, Writing, Reading, Information Skills, Spelling
Grades 9 through 12
School: Thompson Community Center, Warren, MI
Planned By: Sylvia Maisano
Original Author: Sylvia Maisano, Warren
Each student receives a white. 3 ring, 1" binder to submit their final project. The final project consists of:
Letter of Introduction (This is a personal statement of the past, present and future)
Career Research Paper
3 Colleges Researched
Reference Sheet (Must Have 3)
3 Letters of Recommendation (can come from teachers/staff)
Copy of Transcript
3 Jobs for present employment plus a cover letter for each
3 Jobs for future employment plus a cover letter for each
3 samples of their best school work
Any copies of Awards or Certificates
Cover for the Portfolio

When acquiring the letters of recommendation, students fill out a form that states their name and that they are requesting a LoR for their career management course and give that person 1 week to deliver the letter.

When acquiring the transcripts, a form should be filled out, and understood it could take up to a week to acquire a copy.

Guide students in researching their career of choice through www.nroc.careerforward.com and www.careeronestop.org and www.bls.gov

Use job hunt websites like:

Recommendcolleges from community colleges to technical trade schools to universities.

Cross-Curriculum Ideas
Have the English Teacher help with the research papers. Have them research what careers use Science, Technology, Engineering and Math in their fields.
Allow Students to keep their portfolios to use for job interviews.
Links: Career Forward
Bureau of Labor
Career One Stop
Materials: Whiteboards, Point and Shoot, Printers, Office Suite, Worksheets, Internet Services, Student Resources
Other Items: 25 3 ring 1 inch binders, $1.89 each, total of $47.25