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ProfileMs. Brenda Grueneberger's Wishlist
Classroom Claymation Starter Kit, $199.00, 0.00% raised Total Wishlist Cost: $348.00
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Classroom Claymation Starter Kit $199.00
Apple TV $149.00

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Classroom Claymation Starter Kit Why I need this:
This is needed to move my Film students from viewers of animation to creators of animation.
Single Unit
Quantity: 1 Price: $199.00
Combining powerful and practical stop motion animation tools and a great beginner's guide to animation, the Beginning Claymation Educator Kit is great way to start creating your first amateur stop motion animations! Animate It! animation software is part of a range of products that has been developed to give children (and adults) of all ages the chance to create fantastic animated films quickly and easily.

Apple TV Why I need this:
Having an Apple TV in classrooms allows the visual sharing of ibooks or educational apps by way of LCD projector or big screen. All students can benefit even with only one iPad in the classroom.
Single Unit
Quantity: 1 Price: $149.00
Watch 1080p HD movies. Stream from your iOS devices via AirPlay. Features 802.11n Wi-Fi and Apple Remote.