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Letter Writing Campaign
Step 2 - Make a Budget

With your project selected, it's time to figure out how much it will cost. Remember, a good budget will become the basis for your fundraising campaign.

Make an Online Budget

Go shopping for needed items, and watch as a starter-budget materializes. Every item you select will be added to your Digital Wish classroom profile.

Supporters will be given the opportunity to sponsor needed items from your Digital Wish list.

Make a Paper Budget

At the same time, you'll want to make a paper budget that itemizes everything you need.  Here's an example of a simple budget.
Item Quantity Price Per Total Cost
Digital Camera SP-510 2 $329.99 $659.98
Fresco- Art Software 1 $379.95 $379.95
Black Toner 1 $132.99 $132.99
Cyan Toner 1 $129.99 $129.99
Majenta Toner 1 $129.99 $129.99
Yellow Toner 1 $129.99 $129.99
Color Lazer Photo Paper, High Gloss, 2-sided, 100 Sheets 28 $18.49 $517.72
6mm Spiral Bindings, 100/box 2 $15.25 $30.50
Case 9"X12" Envelopes 1 $16.00 $16.00
GRAND TOTAL     $2,127.11
Print a copy of your budget and add it to every letter you send out! Supporters like to know exactly how their contribution helps. They will often donate more money, if they can sponsor an item directly from your budget.
Download Templates
In the upper left you'll find some easy templates to get you started. All of these are copyright-free, so download and edit the text to fit your needs.