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Digital Citizenship Curriculum for Middle Schools

Item #: 6555-MS | Grades 6-8

Digital Citizenship Workshop for Middle School Students -

Digital Wish is working with middle schools to address growing concerns about the misuse of the internet on laptops, tablets and personal smart phones. This new course was created to help build cyber safety awareness, respect for others and responsible use when using the internet and communicating electronically with others.

For accountability, we include a competency test to determine what students have absorbed from this 5 unit course taught in 40 minute segments. The test has been used by some schools to issue an 'internet drivers license' to students for the privilege of having personal laptops, tablets smart phones on campus.

Curriculum Elements
  • Netiquette: Kindness and impact awareness; ways of communication
  • Democracy, Ethics, and the Law: Voice, citizenship, responsibility, privacy, commercial targeting, and government surveillance online
  • Electronic Health: Caring for yourself; healthy and unhealthy uses of technology
  • Cyber-safety: Protecting yourself and your computer; social dangers, bullying, viruses, and scams
  • Media Literacy: Copyright & fair use, media literacy, marketing, stereotyping, effective searching
  • Knowing Right from Wrong: What the wrong may lead to in the community and criminal justice system
Each element is organized to be delivered as five 40 minutes classroom lecture-style lessons. The competency test can be administered following the course completion.

The Digital Citizenship curriculum pack includes:
  • Edit ready worksheets
  • Teacher Quick Lesson Guides
  • Certificates of Success
  • Classroom-ready Digital Presentations (Prezi presentations)
  • Digital Citizenship Poster Contest resources
  • Competency Test Questions
All materials are delivered electronically and include a school-wide unlimited use license.

Digital Wish Training and Support Services

Digital Wish's experienced teaching trainers are available to assist you with implementing and personalizing the curriculum unit to meet your needs. We offer both custom live webinar training sessions and on-site hands on training workshops to help you develop your own personalized Digital Citizenship course. Contact or call (888) 344-7758 for details.

Assessment Services

A critical part of determining the success your Digital Citizenship program is assessing the program for improvements in understanding. Digital Wish has assessment tools to help you do this. In our Vermont and New Hampshire programs, we found that student understanding of internet safety was as low as 26% before the instruction, rising to 96% inderstanding after completing the Digital Citizenship course. Download an assessment report and review improvements here. Call (866) 344-7758 for details on how our assessment services can help you determine your level of internet safety awareness and give you assessment results you can use to help with gaining more support and grants for your computing program.
Lesson Plan Name Grades
Kids with Cameras make a difference 1 to 4
1-4th grade students create a photography exhibit titled "Sense of Place" about their community and then use the exhibit to collect donations to support international Kids with cameras programs.
It's Challenging Being Green! 3 to 5
Students will delve into botany by planting a seed and watching it grow or die based on what they do to take care of it. Prior knowledge of human anatomy and physiology will be the entry point as students connect these two very different areas of biology. By the end of the unit, students will be able to defend plant conservation the way they could any other organism they study. Ultimately, students should have increased awareness of the lack of green spaces in urban areas and the need for more parks and gardens
Fit or Fat? 6 to 8
Students will be involved in a Science and Health lessons that involve nutrition and exercise. They will create Healthy Snacks and exercise profiles for the class.
Dream Vacation 6 to 6
In this project, students will create an itinerary, budget, route, and poster based on their choices about their Dream Vacation. Students will be given restrictions such as a $20,000 budget, must include a family of 4, must travel for at least 5 days, and must be outside of Pennsylvania and the surrounding states.
Movies for Motivation: Encouraging Literacy Through Student-Created Films 9 to 12
Struggling readers enrolled in a Targeted Reading class will use Tool Factory Movie Maker to create videos advertising their favorite books. These videos will then be shown to the entire school as part of a school-wide literacy encouragement effort.
30 Ways In 30 days 5 to 6
Learners are challenged with the essential question, "How can I make a significant difference in the world in just 30 days?" To highlight their experience, the learners must keep a log book, create a documentary, and publish an original book.
An Entertaining Assignment 11 to 12
Make a gossip style video about a medieval character and the rules of Courtly Love and Chivalry they have either broken or upheld. Video may be shot using a Flip video camera from the media center and edited using MovieMaker.
Small Reading Groups P-K to 5
Using iPads during small reading groups allows teachers to pull up numerous texts, assess students immediately after, and be more environmentally friendly by not printing out the texts for students to read.
Take a Picture, It will last longer! 3 to 5
Begin a Camera Club after school hours that will enhance learning through cameras and technology. Students should be able to express themselves creatively with technology and gain a curiosity of the world around them through photography.
IPad Literacy: Engage and Enrich 21st Century Learners 2 to 3
Students will use the iPads as literature and reading response resources during partner or listen to reading. The teacher will use the iPad to formatively assess and keep track of student progress.