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Mobile lab needed

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I teach a Reading class at a public high school. The class focuses on helping our students improve their reading comprehension and fluency so that they can pass our state exam and a college entrance exam. Our students use two online programs to prepare for Accuplacer and the English STAAR EOC. With this lab my students would be able to read books from our online library. They would be able to practice their reading skills while practicing their reading fluency on our online reading programs- Achieve 3000 and My Virtual Reading Coach. In addition to this, they would have access to an online program that we use to practice for the State exam. We have many online resources available to us, but we do not have enough hardware for our students to access those resources. These tablets would allow my students to work daily on their reading skills in an interactive way.

Share This Link: http://www.digitalwish.com/tmechs

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Mobile lab needed
Mobile lab needed
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Vivian Maguire
Why I Teach: I have been in the classroom for 9 years. I teach English because I love literature and I love finding ways to help my students love literature too. I choose high interest topics and stories to engage my students in reading and writing daily. I really enjoy seeing my students become excited about a story. I love to see how their writing progresses throughout the school year. I personally struggled as a student when I was in high school because I was shy and never asked for help. As a teacher I make sure that all of my students understand and can grow in my class. I make sure that all their voices are heard and that they have everything they need to learn.

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