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I-Pads for Ms. Bailey's Classes

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Real World Math Using Technology
The Math Support classroom teachers at Carl Scoggins Middle school would like to apply for a grant to implement technology in the classrooms. The technology that we would like to
request is I Pads. The purpose of the program is to bring our students into the 21st century using technology. The students, in this classroom, struggle in all classes but especially math classes.
There are students who would benefit from the use of I Pad because they are visual learners.
There is a large number of Students with Disabilities in these classes and this would be a great tool to help these students increase their math skills. Over 50% of our students receive free
lunch and their families cannot afford to purchase the I Pads. Students are placed in this class because they have not passed the Georgia Standardized test (CRCT). This grant will be a great
tool to help our school receive its goal, stated in the school improvement plan, to have students increase their scores on the CRCT.

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I-Pads for Ms. Bailey's Classes
I-Pads for Ms. Bailey's Classes
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