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Raised: $125.00
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The purpose of this fundraiser is to raise funds for AP Biology & Biology Vernier probes & lab equipment for 8 lab stations. The probes will be used in various labs to measure CO2, O2, temperature, blood pressure, heart rate and EKG, light wavelength & intensity. Each lab station will have a stand alone computer to which the probe will be attached, recording real time data. Our department already has the handheld computers that are currently used in environmental studies of the San Tomas Aquino Creek that is adjacent to our campus. Because of the cost of each probe, fundraising is necessary to purchase this equipment.

Our science department makes every effort to fully engage our students in the processes of science through experiential learning. In order for students to truly learn the processes of science, they must engage in the scientific method. By using technology to collect data directly, students are emulating what scientists do in the study of biology within a laboratory and out in the field.

Equipment Wish List: gas pressure sensor, CO2 & O2 gas sensors, conductivity probe, spectroVis Plus, Optical DO, heart rate & blood pressure monitors, bio chambers.

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Vernier Probes for Bio Labs
Vernier Probes for Bio Labs
Goal $3,000.00, $125.00 raised

Robin Davis
Westmont High School
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