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Goal: $4000.00
Raised: $1500.00
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A school community needs a way for students, teachers, and families to communicate and exchange information, share ideas, and celebrate successes. A student-run journalism and news media program accomplishes this goal in a fun, engaging way! It will allow my students to increase their media literacy, develop real world technology skills, collaborate with each other to accomplish a goal, and enhance their understanding of and investment in current events on a school, local, state, and national level. Ultimately, this program will develop informed citizens of the world and lifelong newsreaders. In order to accomplish these goals, we need your help! Our school does not currently own the video cameras, digital cameras, sound equipment, or editing equipment that we need to produce a news show. We also currently lack the budget to have our student newspaper printed for distribution. We are fundraising to purchase as many of these items and services as possible! Thank you in advance for any donation you are able to provide in order to build our student news program and support our aspiring student journalists!

Share This Link: http://www.digitalwish.com/strivestudentnews

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Celeste McNeil $25.00 0
Drew Carter $50.00 0
Briana Pettigrew $100.00 0
Patti Niswanger $25.00 0
Karen Mitchell $100.00 0
Sarah Rose, Windermere Stellar $100.00 0
Laura Williams $50.00 0
Lisa Root $25.00 0
Kristal Peterson $25.00 0
Kimberly Karacalidis $100.00 0
Ashley Rose $25.00 0
anna druse $50.00 0
Alicia Copeland $25.00 0
Elizabeth Leipold $25.00 0
Patti and Dave Schreiner $100.00 0
Ed Chang $500.00 0
Adeel Khan $50.00 0
Reginald Wilborn $25.00 0
Sue Wenger $50.00 0
Sharon McDaniel $25.00 0
Robert Hamm $25.00 0
Total Raised: $1500.00*    
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STRIVE Student News!
STRIVE Student News!
Goal $4,000.00, $1,500.00 raised

Johanna Mitchell
Classroom Description: Our Journalism Club is part of an elective program for our Upper School students and is comprised of seventh and eighth graders with an interest in current events, videography, writing, and reporting!

Top Wishes:
Olympus ME-52W Microphone with Noise Cancellation
Olympus ME-52W Microphone with Noise Cancellation